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  1. It's the latest version. It just uses the screenshot from the older one. If anyone would like to take over on this, pm me or something, I have an image that needs to be replaced in it and the entirety of the Windowblinds theme to do but just don't have the time. [EDIT] Oh and if anyone was wondering, yes I do still visit occasionally.
  2. Yes, I realise I haven't updated this in some time, or fix numerous errors that are still around. However, I do have a new link for it.... DeviantART lost the files while updating to the new interface, so here is the new downloadn location: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/443301...time+-in:scraps
  3. I found the solution to be to clear all the Scandisk logs out... they build up surprising quickly. That cleared out 18 gb of space for some reason.
  4. We haven't a Black Panther theme for anything other than VS anymore, but I've just reinstalled Photoshop, so hopefully it wont be long until I start releasing extras.
  5. I can't I get referrer errors and yes, URL referring is turned on in Firefox.
  6. I've tried that site, I can't use the site it links to and Bugmenot accounts get deleted very quickly there
  7. Ok, I've made some progress... Windows is reporting that the Creative Sound Card is an ES1371 when in fact it is a CT4750, however I can't find any working drivers for this anywhere... Has anyone any idea where to find drivers... Creative no longer have the drivers for the CT4750
  8. I can't get my hands on another sound card, not for a long while at least. It's definitely not the speakers... If it was the speakers I just have no sound, what I have is a bunch of applications refusing to play sound as they cannot find the sound card.
  9. Checked Windows Audio Service... it is running all fine and dandy. Still no sound card detected.
  10. That still hasn't solved it... I can't understand why Device Manager can find them but nothing els can...
  11. I tried both of those and a guide I found to fully uninstalling the C-Media drivers but it still doesn't work.
  12. Ok, I've had enough, I've spent 4 hours this morning trying to work out what the heck Windows is going on about, but to no avail. Is there anyone here who can work out the following puzzle: 1 Via motherboard based PC with onboard Avance AC'97 sound chip and 1 Creative Sound card (ES1371, ES1373) that was working absolutely peachy yesterday. 1 random Windows update during the middle of the day changes the Avance Drivers to C-Media AC'97 drivers... Suddenly the Creative Soundcard doesn't work... I rollback the drivers to the Avance ones, and windows now states that both soundcards are worki
  13. UT2007, The Burning Crusade (Just so I can kill Illidan)... hmm, don't know about anything else just yet. I need to get a job before I think about non PC games
  14. Sorry for the confusion but I meant it the other way around... I want what is shown in the first box, but it's only outputting what is shown in the second box.
  15. That just outputs the links, I wan't the link tags to format the links in the text contained inside the trait tag. i.e. it outputs: Blah Blah Blah Blah blah instead of: Blah Blah Blah Blah blah Blah
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