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  1. Plugged it in a day ago, and worked like a charm. Thanks guys, what a load off my mind :-)
  2. Can you stick PC133 ram in a machine intended for PC100? I have an iMac DV and some PC133 RAM lying around (From a dead computer given to me) and wonder if I can upgrade the ram. Will there be any major adverse effects if I stick this ram in a machine built for PC100? Thanks in advance!
  3. Ok, I think I want to stay legal about it. Thanks!
  4. I just bought an iMac 400Mhz on eBay and It has OS 9.2 on it. Eventually I want to upgrade to Panther, and thus brings me here. Is it possible to use OSX 10.3.4 disc's that came with another mac? (Came with a G5) Or do I need to buy an OSX install CD? Thanks in advance for any helpful replies. P.S. I know about the firmware issue.
  5. I've always wanted to know what the letter in the TextEdit Icon said. Anyone know?
  6. Is there any way to display the iChat buddy icon at a larger size? I've got pictures of people that look like....well not people. And no, I'm not changing my Screen Resolution. 1680x1050 is just beautiful.
  7. i guess just to make you look like an ass. "seriously"
  8. hey just bought an old apple IIe today for 5 bucks at auction!! works great, these things'ill run forever.
  9. Well this is my first time back to Aquasoft for, we, it would have to be abut a year.... I cannot believe what a difference this site has undergone since then. For those who remember me, yes I do love my G5. But Im into Hammond organs more now. My band sounds a lot better with my new leslie 122.
  10. Is there any, ANY, way possible to disable the stupid box that pops up in osx when shuting down with users on that states: " there are currently loged on users...blah blah blah... please type your admin name and password... blah blah..." i SWEAR it is soo annoying after telling my parents that a mac is so glorious, and they cant even shut don because of that stupid dialog. I HATE THAT THING
  11. Ya about 20seconds after i posted this :chair:
  12. Just searching and came across this...CLICK It clearly states that Tiger might not be a 10.4 release, rather the changes it has are so quote "radical" that it would be a 10.5 release instead......
  13. I think its a worthy Wallpaper. "Largest apple logo png he could find" hmm well i dont know about that, i dont use any apple logo png's ,gif's, jpegs etc for mine ex: apples simple , rainbow glass. i use a font (pm me for it) that includes the apple logo which symbolwise would be "ยก" (upside down ex. point...) give the guy/girl (too lazy to find out) some credit
  14. Macs can get expensive, especially if you are crazy with your plastic, but there are payment plans and apple dosnt skimp on em either, i ordered a Dualie 2.5 just last month and with some good software to and its only 130 a month. Heres a project, pick out the fastest computer they have (G5,G5 xserve) and start adding on every bell and whistle you can find. your total; usually ends up in the 20-30k range. now thats an expensive machine---fast--- but expensive. at a price like that its not only the king of the hill, its the owner of the land that the hill is on. so yes i do think that t
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