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  1. In other situation i'd ask you what windows version do you has installed, but (sadly!) XWD 5.6 (and more sadly XWD 2) development suspended. Actually stopped. Bright side -- XWD 5.6 is open source. Dark side -- it's writen on relict language called Delphi (actually it's Pascal with object oriented features) -- it's supported no more and it's commercial, so you must buy distribution to code in it (well, post-USSR territory residents get it free due to saint pirates, so there is no problem for ya, if you in their rows, yarrr!)... So if you're smart enough to code and tough enough to endure Delp
  2. type this line: --app="https://mail.google.com/mail/ here:
  3. Yeah, i have that too. I fix that by turning off Window Reflections or/and Icons Shadow (it's almost invisible, so i turn it off). However, memory size can't be reduced.
  4. yeah, and it is good to see the XGrab plugin (from XWindows Dock 5.6) - i can't do it myself
  5. XWindows Dock 5.6 can't be moved from the bottom position, because this ability is not implemented.
  6. Checker is definitelly cool, thanks!
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