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  1. Microsoft delivers cheap and reliable products to the costumers. In Asia most of the computers are Windows based, I donno weather they know about Mac, even Linux usage is speeding up.
  2. Try weatherbug, I think this fills your need here is a link http://weather.weatherbug.com/desktop-weat...er-widgets.html
  3. Its a nice widget for desktop... but kludgets never run perfectly on my Mac... all I have to do is to remove it.
  4. I need Nokia polyphonic Msg tone. It will be in many Nokia old phones.
  5. 500 Tabs , Firefox uses single process to run all the tabs. Where as Chrome and IE uses different-single processes. For 500 tabs ur System must me a 3.6 Core 2, with 4 GB RAM. I suggest you to use Chrome.
  6. Thank you.... I have to try that.. is that really gonna work?? reply me any bad experiences with that.
  7. OptimalSupreme... r u from NASA??? or a GEEK....Im not able to understand any thing from your article...
  8. I think you have to look at your display settings first.. some don't support high resolution...
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