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  1. This might come as a bit late *and sorry to bump the topic* but I have had a mirror up for a while, (with Goku's permishion and praise) and have updated the file with every new reliece of Trillian http://section41.mattsiegman.com/ichatmod2.htm please feel free to look around my site too
  2. I also need these icons! please, anyone know where to find them? :bow:
  3. I think dark blue looks good too! (Y)
  4. found it: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/index.php?s...696&hl=splasher but the download link's dead :cry: and it doesn't work with IE... if someone could make it work... :canadian:
  5. [edit]I get it now... ok the reason why I put the splash mod because I would kinda like something like it. except for connecting to the internet :shy: [/edit]
  6. ooo any other "safe" way of editing JUST the internet connection screens? :woot:
  7. I connect to the internet by 56k (I know, I know....) but I would like to know if there is a way to change the *doesn't know how to describe it...* here are some screens of what I mean. connection screen 1 connection screen 2 connection screen 3 connection screen 4 is it possible to make these connection screens more mac ish? here is a pic of what I was thinking: and yes thats Goku's Trillian splash mod except.... well... internetish :shy:
  8. :shy: can anyone update this for Trillian Pro 2.01 Beta 3 ? :bow: :woot:
  9. could anyone make a good Aqua/panther/jaguar/brushed skins like Aqua soft or Aqua XP (but different) for Invision Power Board? :canadian: please? :woot:
  10. ah already "emulating" 2.0 on a 1.3 bored are we Timan? LOL (Y) will you be doing more?
  11. yay... Can I have some points ( or what ever form of money you decide) because I suggested it? Also I offer my services (as a helper... I diden't make the mod, but have installed on my site) to help with the shop, boath in maintaining it and in helping where I can. :smartass:
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