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  1. if that was god wouldnt we all have unibrows?
  2. it really is creepy when you read & see it, even knowing it's a joke/trick. i actually got chills for a few seconds, then it became funny. reminded me of reading ghost stories as a kid.
  3. an addendum to my last post -- ignore it. for some reason it seems to be working smoothly now. not sure what the issue was.
  4. another small but nagging problem ive noticed, when i hover over to magnify the icons i have to wait a full second or so for it to overlap the open windows (i have the 'prevent windows from overlapping the dock' option on). i have the delay set to to as short as possible, if that's the appropriate toggle for this.
  5. is it this one then? http://rocketdock.com/addon/skins/4939 yours looks better than the screenshot. im also curious how you got reflective icons, did you make them that way or is that a new rocketdock feature?
  6. which skin is that ? looks good.
  7. gorgeous. although it looks a bit more like november to me. can someone finally answer my question about what music player/skin that is?
  8. chrome, for me. i love the clean minimalist aero look & the omnibar. i almost always have a lot of apps running in the background (tweetdeck, songbird/zune, dashboard+gadgets, feeddemon etc). so other than foxtabs (which is awesome) there's no particular firefox add-on i can think of that i have much use for.
  9. nothing fancy, but i did do a bit of a fall overhaul i <3 windows 7
  10. keane, i dont notice it working with anything. perhaps i am doing something wrong. i just double click the rosie icon & instantly get a beautiful looking bar with an apple & the day & time on it. at least 'force quit' works (brings up task manager) but not sure about anything else (dont want to test shut down etc for obv reasons, the others didnt seem to do anything. i am running windows 7 64 bit & used the x64 version of rosie 1.0.1 (or whichever the latest one is)
  11. sounds very iffy to me. why are you getting ultimate? when i ran vista on a laptop with (i think) 2 GB RAM vista was a nightmare, but that was before service packs & only on one processor.
  12. "myboard" is a fantastic application which unfortunately suffers from too few useful apps, but it does have weather, notepad, twitter, & a couple others....if ppl would design apps for it it has a lot of potential, id probably prefer it to windows gadgets, or at laest consider it as an alternative, although they are pretty convenient, theyre less aesthetically pleasing imo.
  13. true, but i guess more specifically what i am asking is, when does mac typically unveil new models? is it over the summer? it seems like 1x a year they roll out a new line of products, so obv the best point to buy would be when that happens. if it's 2x years before a quad macbook, i would probably just buy the current or next model.
  14. i dont know if stacks docklet has been upgraded since i used rocketdock (and the above poster is correct, it isnt compatible w/ nexus anyway), but standalone stack is much better imo, as you can explore w/in the folders, which is a huge plus.
  15. i was thinking about getting a 3GS but then i saw it costs 200 for the phone (which is fine) plus 70 a month minimum, for 2 years. better ways to spend a G for me right now.
  16. i'm hoping to get a macbook pro w/in the next year or so, & definitely want to wait for the next-gen. i was wondering if any of the apple mavens here knew when that might be? it seems we've had dual-core laptops for 3-4 years now, i figure quad must be around the corner & it'd be foolish to get a high-end laptop before the next iteration.
  17. XWD would be great, if it was actually compatible with an OS from this decade.
  18. same w/ this one, how do u get that extreme minimalist look w/ the unique app launchers?
  19. what apps are you using there?? very nice unique look.
  20. yes, that would be nice. as it is i really can't use running indicators because it's just too cluttered & inaccurate to be useful. since a lot of people are using the standalone stack program (or should be if they aren't) i think it'd be worth it to make it possible to disable the indicators underneath those icons.
  21. no, simply that because standalone stack is always running on any stack, it shows various closed folders as 'running', which kind of pollutes the space & renders it unusable, or at least unattractive to use imo. so this is what my dock looks like w/ indicators on even though i am running no task other than chrome -- http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/4877/capturekgc.png obv it's not a bug, it'd just be nice to be able to add standalone stack as an exception.
  22. woohoo! thanks jc. 2 things i notice, though: 1) leopard dock still doesnt 'reserve screenspace' properly, when i maximize windows. (magnify effect seemed to work fine, tho ive gotten to where i prefer the simple zoom now) 2) re running indicators - they work great, BUT: since many of us here at least are using standalone stack, is it possible to add that (maybe optionally) as an 'exception'? for example right now no less than 13 icons are lit up even though im only running 4 apps.
  23. hi again jc - i thought of something else that would be nice, again having to do with spacing. i found out today if i set the dock to prevent window overlap it gives itself entirely too much space. see here: http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/1892/capturekah.png i've got the icons set at the default size if not larger, i think (55 pixels). it seems to me it takes about double the space it should making the feature (which has the potential to be convenenient & give a nice look) less usable).
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