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  1. ChristianS, My friend was greatly surprised and appreciative of the PC I just gave him, and when I showed him around the new interface (based partly on Standalone Stack 2), he was amazed. His wife also like how the stack/grids worked! Yet, despite the program working beautifully since the short cut problem has been solved, I must sadly say that the Control Panel is still not fully functional on either the system I just gave my friend or my own. I was sure to re-create all stacks and shortcuts from within version 2.0.5, but most of the CPL programs still don't open. Of course, I've merel
  2. ChristianS, I had geared up to prepare about 20 different versions of Windows XP Home install ISO's, each with various and differing levels of service packs, programs, and tweaks having been slipstreamed into them to do a step by step test to find what was causing the shortcut bug and had actually done 3 of those tests already when I thought to myself, "I'll check the forum again to see if there has been any updates." To my much relieved pleasure, you have done it! You've fixed the shortcut bug, and in doing so, saved me a mountain of time. Originally I wasn't going to mention this, simp
  3. O.K. Just did a complete reinstall (this time installed as a Virtual PC within my XP Pro) of Windows XP Home SP3 with all current updates. This time, I did not tweak anything, at least nothing to do with the way windows stores or accesses files or shortcuts. So, just for the record, here is a list of the problems I'm still getting: - Any stack containing shortcuts, even those with the "start in" and "path" completely and accurately filled in results in the appearance of the "Move items" window. - I know in an older version you wrote that the program couldn't create a stack for the Con
  4. ChristianS, Firstly, sorry for the long, drawn-out report I gave previously, detailing a bug that had already been reported. (I had read through the entire thread, but somehow missed the most recent report of what I am calling the "Shortcut to" bug.) In answer to the question you asked @dieter1, you could say that I had "done some hack with shortcuts." On the offending system, I used the TweakUI utility to eliminate the "Shortcut to" prefix from all shortcuts. However, I did NOT disable the arrow on the shortcut icons. I've tried re-enabling the "Shortcut to" prefix and afterwards creati
  5. I'm having a problem: I've installed Standalone Stack 2, or rather extracted the program to a "C:\Programs\Standalone Stack 2" folder. I rearranged all the folders/shortcuts in my "All Programs" list on the Start Menu (via manipulation of the folders and shortcuts within the "Start Menu" folder in the "Documents and Settings" folder for "All Users." Once having everything arranged neatly, where, for example, all multimedia program links appear in a folder named "Multimedia," I proceded to use Standalone Stack 2 to create stacks for these subfolders of the Start Menu folder. The first one s
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