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  1. Thank you, ChristianS! Icons work great without the extension!
  2. No, I see what you're saying. I've been waiting as well to see what Matonga has in store for 2.0.
  3. Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I did figure out a way for Standalone to work with RocketDock. First create your stack. (it's not necessary to create a shortcut) Then go to RocketDock and select "Add Item" from the menu. Then select "File". Locate your "StandaloneStack2.exe" file and select it. Then, go to "Icon Settings". In "Arguments" type in the name of the stack using double quotations. (i.e. "Documents", "Videos", etc.) Last step is to delete everything in the "Start in" parameter or else you will get an error. Also, the first time you run the stack it may be nec
  4. Thank you for this terrific app! I hope someone is clapping you on the back because you definitely deserve it! One quick question about using the custom .png icons. I've been able to get the "folder" icon to appear, but not the file extension icons. (.avi, .pdf, etc.) However, I've noticed that they will work if I rename the file to include the extension at the end. In other words to have the custom ".avi" icon appear for the .avi file "Movie" I would need to change the name to "Movie.avi". Now, am I wrong in thinking that these icons are supposed to work like the "folder" icon and appe
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