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  1. How do i make skins for this version? possible to port from the older version or...not?
  2. Whohoo, that's a nice setup mate! Some info please???
  3. I'm using XP SP3 and nothing works in this version 1.4 The app crashes every time I try to make a shortcut etc. What's wrong with it?
  4. That is what I have done but when I open a new window i explorer the findexer is gone. It should load by it self everytime I open a new explorer window but it doesn't...
  5. Hello, I'm new here. I use XP SP3 x86 and Windowblinds 6.02(build 43)x86 and Styler Toolbar. I have registred Findexer but it wont load when I open a new window or explorer window. What is wrong? Can i use all this programs at the same time? Thanx, vajlent.
  6. For the "reset settings" thing, I just installed the app in another location and it's working now. But with the crash problem...it's not working at all, I can't even open IE8 when I have the dock active, and I'm using Vista Home Premium(x86)with SP2. It keeps crashing internet explorer, even if i use another browser like Chrome etc. I think it is something with this: Product Internet Explorer Problem Stopped working Date Wed 17-Jun-2009 12:04 Status Problem signature Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: IELowutil.exe Application Version: 8.0.6001.18702 Application Timestamp:
  7. -How do I completely reset the dock to default settings? -Why crashes IE8, Safari or any web browser when you have it running?(using SP2)
  8. How can it be that my web browser crash all the time when I use this version? (regardless if I use IE8, FF or Safari.) And I use Vista SP2 btw.
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