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  1. Hi There I've just re-launched my CSS showcase website: http://www.designshack.co.uk This is our aim/motto: "Design Shack provides you with hundreds of inspiring CSS based examples, as well as tutorials, news and the latest from the CSS design community." Feedback would be great - let me know what you think!
  2. Hey There At present, I'm using a 256mb RAM module that came with my MacBook and a 1gb one from Crucial (I know that mismatch isn't ideal). I bought a second 1gb module recently, but when installing it and trying to boot all that happens is I receive a black screen and the light on the front of the laptop stays on continuously. Does anyone know what could be wrong here? I don't think the RAM is faulty but I suppose there's a chance that could be the case. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. We've had a really good first couple of weeks - Did any of you guys have a look at the site? We're still really interested to hear people's comments :-)
  4. Hi There After one year of planning, sketching, designing, analysing and coding, Our Stock Works is now live, and you can head over to the site to start browsing and purchasing images. We’re thrilled to offer so many new features for designers. It has been a great experience to interact with photographers across the world in building up our image library so far, and we hope that we will continue to grow over the coming weeks, months and years. So what do we have to offer? Well we’ve got all the great features you’ve come to expect - a super fast search facility, download tracking, photo
  5. I just purchased some new memory and it seems to work fine, although a question mark flashes for a fraction of a second before the system boots. I wondered if there is an app out there to check the memory modules installed in my system? It's for a MacBook, if that helps Cheers
  6. For the record, don't buy MacBook RAM from these guys - http://www.memorystore.com/ - it fits but doesn't work at all! Had to ship it all the way back to America Does anyone have a USA link to a 2gb RAM item which is known to work? Thanks a great deal!
  7. I've now ordered 2gb from another US store, hoping they will deliver to the UK without a problem. Delivery was $50, but it still works out a lot cheaper than RAM over here! I've had plenty of experience with Apple's shocking delivery times and delays, with iPod's, software and other Mac's so bought this one from a store in Manchester. They had none in stock so I had rung two to get my name on the reserve lists - didn't take long for them to get one in stock, about 48 hours. Plus, I still got my educational discount! Was really impressed.
  8. All sorts of stuff :-) Unfortunately, I've just had my order cancelled by the online shop as apparently RAM isn't a product which can be exported. Damn! So back to square one, looking for a UK seller of the specific type. Any ideas? Actually, as the MacBook already has 512mb RAM, if I just purchased a 1gb stick I would have 1.5gb. Would it be particularly bad to have 1gb in one slot and 512mb in the other? I know it isn't ideal :-) - but would it have any real negative impact? Cheers once again for the links etc //Posts Merged. -NC
  9. Photo678 - Just looked into their delivery charges, and it's only $20 to ship to the UK, meaning even including the shipping charges, it's under one third the price of having Apple build the RAM in at order time. I've ordered 2gb - thanks for the link!
  10. Timan - That would be perfect, but the site says they don't ship internationally... Does anyone know of a UK store?
  11. Had a look there but didn't come across anything. I found this, which looked perfect: https://www.novatech.co.uk:443/novatech/spe...html?CSR-XP642G However i have a suspicion that's for a desktop not a laptop. Could there be a difference in size/the number of pins?
  12. I've just bought a MacBook and am looking to upgrade it to have 2gb RAM. I know the type required, but can't find any available in the UK.... I need two 1gb sticks of DDR2 PC2-5300 667mHz Could someone tell me what the number of pins required is, and if possible link me to some appropriate RAM for sale in the UK. Thankyou very much!
  13. If you visit the holding page: www.ourstockworks.com and enter your email address as a photographer we will give you a username and password to access the site. You'll be able to browse around, look at our FAQ's for the information you mentioned and get a feel for what is on offer.
  14. See what you're saying NC. I guess the idea behind having them large was to ensure that they are a prominent part of the page where people can register their interest.
  15. We've just finished an overhaul of the holding page (http://www.ourstockworks.com) taking into account your suggestions - there are some new screenshots, and more details about what the site has in store. Any comments would be appreciated. For those generally interested in the progress of the site, there is a news update here: http://ppleyard.org.uk/archives/2006/04/28...rks-update.html Thanks to all those who have offered advice and contributed their photography so far!
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