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  1. I'd say, minimize to dock and magnification is what this awesome dock is missing..
  2. This little app is very nice! is the development still going on? Cheers.
  3. I have another suggestion apart from minimize to dock and magnification, how about minimize to dock's icon like here: http://3ml4.sl.pt Cheers for an awesome project.
  4. There's no damn virus there people don't be idiots.
  5. Could we expect magnification and/or minimized to dock feature for the next build? Keep the awesome work!
  6. Please update for iTunes 9.2, it's out today.
  7. Thank you so much for the update! it works like a charm.. just magnification and minimize to dock is missing to make this P E R F E C T Thanks again!
  8. I think we just need magnification and minimize to dock, everything else is perfect
  9. I can't pin anything! weird.. I drag the icon but the dock does not get bigger to create the icon and it just keeps stuck on my pointer 'till I click esc. help?
  10. File2Go has closed so I can't download it from Matonga's website, can anyone upload the exe to another host? thanks!
  11. It does not charge... so I can't even set it to DFU.. I'm scared :S The iPod feels warm when it's plugged in the computer though..
  12. Thanks for the reply. It's been charging for 2 hours and 24 hours have passed since it died, still no answer and because it does not have warranty, people on my Mac Store won't do anything so I must go to an unauthorized place so they can open it and see what's wrong with it.
  13. Please I need urgent help, I was using my iPod Touch 2G (1 year old) like every regular day, and the battery was low but I was listening to music anyway. So I was in my car listening to it and suddenly turned off... but now it won't turn on no matter what I do!! I can't set it to DFU mode, It won't charge on my laptop, Wii or wall charger and it simple won't turn on.. please tell me what to do!? Thanks!
  14. Sorry to bring back this topic, but it seems that I'll get a 3GS for Christmas, but I was wondering, do I need to jailbreak it in order to unblock it and use it with my local operator? I really don't want to jailbreak. Also, if I do need to jailbreak it, can I un-jailbreak it after I unblock it? Thanks.
  15. Can anyone make a theme for this app using this traffic lights? http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=542602 I've tried to do it but for some reason there's a colour line down the button that looks weird.
  16. It depends on how much you like pr0n lol Safari all the way, it is the best for Mac and Windows because of security, speed, UI and the brand FireFox sucks and is overrated.
  17. Are you fucking retarded? that's his own job and he's very famous on Deviantart and on most Windows forums for that.
  18. Hey it's nice to know you're still working on this!! I can say that it works flawlessly and beautifully on Notepad, Paint, Calculator, WinRar, Task Manager and Foxit Reader. Please keep the damn good work!!
  19. I think it's more like a BootCamp for PC :S
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