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  1. RK dock/RK launcher is evil. Download RocketDock (http://www.rocketdock.com/) It runs faster, doesn't cause any errors, and can do stacks (like in OSX leopard).
  2. You need to install the Universal UXTheme patch. You can find it on CNET downloads. It is compatible with SP2 and SP3, I had the same problem and this fixed everything.
  3. What is macsearch and where can I d/l it?
  4. Well yeah it hangs at the Mobo's logo. it comes up and says "ASUS A7V400-MX" then gives me opeions for the BIOS menu and boot options but none of them work. I end up just turning it off and back on a couple of times then it works.
  5. OK so I tried installing the SearchSpy spotlight clone thing, the FAK installer said it was successful but it never installed. I tried re-running the installer with only SearchSpy selected, it still didn't install it.
  6. I had the same problem on SP2 and it came back when I updated to SP3 However this patch still fixed everything thanks!
  7. I notice that then I install FAK on any computer (it's not just mine I tried it on another PC too), Windows Movie Maker gets an error that says "the file for transitions and effects is missing". You can still launch the app but there are no effects available, what is wrong?
  8. Hey is there a reason my comp sometimes doesnt boot when I turn it on? it just shows a black screen with the motherboard symbol and stops there. I really don't want to have to reformat or anything please help! computer specs: ASUS A7V400-MX 1.83 GHz 1 GB of RAM 114GB Hard disk Windows XP SP3
  9. Well I mean it doesn't mess up my files or anything, it just freezes on startup. At least for now I've been able to start just by turning it off and on again, at which point the machine sort of turns on off and back on again, then the tower makes a beep noise, then it boots up fine.
  10. I installed Flyakite yesterday. In order to get it working I had to reboot 3 times (once for iTunes uninstall, once for UXTheme patch and once for Tiger System Preferences). I noticed that my comp now doesn't boot half the times I turn it on (it shows the motherboard's logo and does nothing). Is this normal? Please help!
  11. I have read other topics saying that itunes didn't work w/ flyakite, so I uninstalled it and rebooted, then downloaded it again but the setup says "QuickTime installation did not complete. iTunes requires QuickTime." What should I do I REALLY need iTunes to work
  12. I have the same problem with iTunes and yes my installer froze on installation of that same file. Don't tell me I wasn't patient I let it sit for 3 hours and nothing happened. I ended the task and the minute I hit "Turn off computer", it unfroze and just completed installing before my comp shut down. I rebooted and everything was fine (except itunes of course)
  13. The download link for UXTheme patch doesn't work (404 not found)
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