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  1. Ok, I mean no disrespect, I thought the site was nice, I just don't really use it that much....like ever. So all I'm asking, is there a way for admins/mods (I know I can't) to delete my account or should I rather just go with crazy password replacement so even if someone somehow got this account it'd be useless. Not trying to offend, I just am saddened at the fact forums and sites don't have these functions I mean, it's kinda a right in essence...but oh well, I figure it's probably the second choice.
  2. Hello, new here, but from time to time, I suffer a bit of Mac Envy and use a dock, regardless, I often use RK_Launcher, and take it with me on flash drive. I am an avid user of portable apps, which leads to my question: Are there any portable builds of applications featured here (or at least stand-alone exe's, modifications to the registry can easily be changed with a launcher) And, are any of the apps here open source, preferably docks, I myself do not have enough knowledge to make my own dock, but analyzing code often teaches me things. Also I have terrible focus, which is why building off something already there works for me ^^;; Thanks in advanced!
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