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  1. windows vista is unstable. Do you think windows 7 will be better?
  2. This is all true, but I don't think my question was clear enough. Do you think Microsoft can become so innovative that they could win over mac users?
  3. Ok. to start things off, this is not a comparison between vista and OS X. We know the clear winner. But, what this IS about is, do you think that Microsoft and Windows has the potemtial, or even have what it takes to ever come close to beating Mac and their OS'? Microsoft started out OK with windows 98, and did arguably OK with 2000, showing they might have something. But fell behind with Windows Vista, not having patience and working out the flaws in the OS. BUT, could have been their lack of patience, or just a bad staff? Do you think Microsoft can be intuitive and innovative? And whe
  4. In windows vista, go to click on the start menu, go to the control panel, go into classic view, find and open "System". In this folder there will be a section that will say "system Edition", and under which it will say Service Pack _
  5. Its windows we hate, not he companies that make the computers that windows runs on. lol
  6. Yah. i know apple would never do this, but wouldn't it be cool if companies like Sony made computers for apple that had Mac OS as their OS?
  7. Yah. Ur all right, but wouldn't it b cool iif apple released a MacBook that was alluminu and was.cheaper? Doesn't have to be as cheap as pc's but still around the $999 mark?
  8. Ok. This is weird and i don't fully agree with it. Apple has changed the macbook. Now the only normal macbook available will be the white one. Is apple getting rid of the Macbook line and going only for the pros? You can get thje pro version in the 13", 15" and 17" versions, starting at $1199. I think Apple should decrease the price of the white mac book to like around $700- $800 then put the 13" macbook in aluminum back in there at bout $999. I think this is a weird decision by Apple. Post comments on what you think and what Apple's next move should be.
  9. Hey guys. Here's another mockup. Completely redone. Changes: -normal size screen -glowing ring around the home button, optional to turn on and off -Rubber u shaped grip, simialar to the original macbook -moved the speaker hole down -mini front facing iSight camera -moved back camera to middle -microphone now goes of of vibrations from your voice htting the hime button, or close around it -Leopard style dock, with new layout fo the titles of the icons in the dock -You can now tap a designated section on the screen to bring up a page selection for the apps. -Numbers and home button
  10. Really? Really? Are you serious right now? Wow. Just wow. You know nothing about macs or vista aparantly. Wow.
  11. OK. This is not really a "Radio", but it gives you what you want. It is the magic called Pandora. I listen to it every time i am in my computer. You type in a song or artist that you like and it gathers songs that it thinks you would like based off your selection and plays it to. The more you listen to it and the more your rate songs, the more it learns about what you truly like.Pamdora Also try Googleing AOL radio. It is not as tuned in as Pandora, but it plays songs from certain genera
  12. jeez. No need to be so harsh. I'm 13 years old and did this in MICROSOFT WORD. Ok. Don't hound me too bad for this one. I did this in 5 minutes, again in MW. Made screen smaller. I stretched the screen so it was taller, Made home button slightly smaller to accommodate the larger screen. Got rig of the slider and button on from of screen. Not shown but they are where they should be. Added support for stacks for certain links such as picture files. And i am keeping the mic in the home button. Got rid of the mini camera. Don't know if you guys agreed with that or not. W/E. Tell m
  13. In the window of time, a yellow orange opened the door to Humanity and said "Hello. This is Eve Jobs. and I bring you the UNIVERSE!" the entire crowd lept in amazement and then- BANG!!!!!!!!!! The monkeys from Antarctica came over to a planet which's value was equal to the cosine of A double prime raised to the 5th with one side having the value of 22root10. They rejoiced and then all was black. These happening took place 5 minutes after the time you are reading this. And it ends with the universe...... FAILED TRANSMISSION. GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS ARRAY SYSTEM FAILURE. PLEASE CONTACT T
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