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  1. I found an issue. Below are screenshots from Weather.com vs. AccuWeather. It's 3:30 in the afternoon here and AccuWeather is showing the night (moon) instead of the day (sun), but for just this one condition that I've seen so far, Mostly Cloudy. EDIT: I don't believe this is the widget any longer. Not long after I posted this I discovered Apple's Dashboard widget is doing the exact same thing. Seems more like an error in the AccuWeather feed data.
  2. I just noticed that Hi: and Lo: above/below the city are missing the degree symbol as well. I'm having a slow day. Anyway, I'm pretty sure in the main.js if you add them in the single quotes, it'll fix it. high.data = 'H: ' + object.hi + ''; lo.data = 'L: ' + object.lo + ''; Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the degree symbols! They make it look better. I was playing with different fonts and then realized that Arial looks pretty close to Helvetica Neue if you simply remove font-weight: bold; from the .kon file. Have a peek: I think it's much truer to the original and looks better, but that's just me. (And yes, thunderstorms for the next 5 days here, *sigh*)
  4. I compared the widgets side-by-side, I think my font issue is just that I was used to looking at the Dashboard widget. I did note that the degree symbol after the temperature is not in the Yahoo version, maybe it could be added? See the screenshot for the differences (Yahoo on the left, Dashboard on the right.) Hardly deal-breakers, nice if they could be tweaked; I think I have OCD. I love this new version! Thank you for providing it to us!
  5. Hrm, maybe it's something with my laptop. I'm long overdue for a clean install; been holding out for Snow Leopard to do that.
  6. Very nice and great to have it! The only thing I noticed, and I've seen this with other things that use the same font, is that with Safari 4 installed, the font used for the week days and temps is "thicker" than the screen shots. Not quite bold.
  7. Hows it coming along? Those last pics had me drooling.
  8. Hey, I'm happy to have it updated and working properly! All the other stuff would have been gravy, so no worries! Thanks!
  9. Apple's widget has the logos in the setup pane, you might be able to get away with that and leave the front end clean. If I had my choice, I'd go for Wind Speed, Real Feel (Lawn & Garden Weather on Weather.com), and Pollen Count/Allergies. I don't know how difficult it would be, but perhaps set the available choices in the setup pane and let people choose? There might be a limit that can be visible...
  10. If you have to go with the 5 day, how about: 4. only show 5 days on the bottom and use the extra space for other info? e.g. wind speed, or RealFeel, or some other data available from the AccuWeather feed ? I guess 4. would pretty much leave the plan to be two separate widgets as Weather.com might not provide the extra information... Just my 2 cents. Thanks for getting this working again!
  11. Very cool of you to start looking into this again. Just an observation about the 5 vs. 6 day forecast. I guess it depends on the data they supply and how the count the days. The "first" day on Apple's widget is "today", a 5 day forecast would likely be "tomorrow" forward. Today plus 5 days is the 6 day format. Looking at the Yahoo data link above, they seem to provide a lot of extra info, you could really "go nuts" with this widget and add more data. I've seen a hacked Apple widget that has everything from wind speed in it to AccuWeather's "Real Feel" in a purple font below the lows in t
  12. Mine is the 2.3 version I found here as well, I didn't modify it. It seems to be updating too, even with the latest Konfab..(ahem, Yahoo Widget Engine) and 10.5.7. I did have initial issues getting AccuWeather to accept my city as a zip code, but once I tried typing it in as City, STate, it's worked fine on both my desktop and my wife's laptop.
  13. I just found this topic from a Google search, it's been a year since the last post, but was an update ever done? I'm using it in it's current form and it seems to be functional with AccuWeather. I'd love to see an update. I might be able to host it, if anyone is still out there needing a spot for it!
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