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  1. I will donate when I have some money. However, having worked on projects like this in the past, I have learned with experience that people do not like to donate money to projects with a stagnating development or community. Releasing an update as a show of good faith (perhaps with a promised feature) would be a smart thing to do. And it's never shameful to add a note asking for donations to fund development in the release notes. I love helping out with community projects like this one. We're all here for the same thing (a pretty desktop).
  2. I like this dock, but the lack of anti-aliasing is really turning me off. Also, I don't feel it should be using the XWD name. It doesn't have half the features XWD did and probably never will (not that there's anything wrong with that, but it does feel a little disingenuous.) But yeah, I just can't use this as my primary dock until some work is done on the jaggy edges. Regards, and keep up the good work.
  3. Hey, uh, curiously: do you have the PidlShortcuts.rar for 2.0?
  4. Well, 2.0 doesn't work (no widgets actually appear on the desktop) and 1.3 and 1.4 aren't compatible with XWindow Dock (XWD's animations cease to function while AD is running) so I'm just going to forget about it I guess. Thanks for the upload though.
  5. I'm sorry. I'm using Windows Vista. I'm also not using 2.0, however, as like I mentioned before, I was unable to find the necessary components. Is there a place on the web where the 2.0 beta and components necessary to create shortcuts (I forget the exact file names at present), etc? Google turns up nothing. And I apologize for the sensational topic. Thanks.
  6. This forum seems pretty dead, but here we go anyway: I installed the 1.4 version from AveDesk.org after seeing some screenshots of it in action; AveDesk was exactly what I wanted. I installed it and set up a shortcut on the desktop. I was then in the middle of setting up my second one when AveDesk just crashed. Like, crashed and burned. Gone, poof. Not thinking much of it, I loaded up the software again and now it is absolutely riddled with bugs and errors. Labels are not acting right, I can't get any icons to appear, etc. I followed a suggestion here and went back to versions
  7. Hi, guys. A quick follow-up on my old post: XWindows Dock will not function in Windows 7 if you have enabled background cycling. It will also cease to function correctly if you, at any point while it is running, change your background image. In order to get it to function after changing your background image, you must close the program, log off and back on (or reboot) and start it again. If you have background cycling enabled at all, XWD's animations, labels, and drag and drop functionality will cease functioning after a few seconds. I hope this helped somebody.
  8. I do in fact use Windows 7 and the software runs great with the latest RC. However, it should be noted that I did try the software on Vista and had the same problems. I made sure of that before reporting the issues. With that said, it would be wise to try to find someone who can update the software for a Windows 7 release, or this Dock will be obsolete in less than a year. That's assuming you guys still have the source etc. I'm incredibly happy with this. Best dock I've used, that's including the retail version of ObjectDock. By the way, Stardock is a really hard company to deal with
  9. This software has been nothing but trouble for me. I've tried the suggestions in the FAQ and in this thread, but still: I cannot see labels. I cannot drag and drop items on the dock. There are no animations. In addition, Dragging a window toward the bottom dock causes my rig to slow down to levels I've never seen before. It has something to do with the reflections, but when I turn them down/off, I still have the problem. This is after closing all other programs and adjusting the settings as best I can. Overall, this software is quite buggy and "unrefined" at best. I understand that the
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