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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for a great release Everything works great on Windows 7 x64 Now with two stacks options navigating is a lot easier, the Gmail checker is really handy and also the skins look a lot sharper ! I have used all the dock type launchers bar none and this even in beta form is the best by a long way ! Just great long live XWindows Dock
  2. You know what BOBAH13 , I have been using this dock since it first came out, it always was the best dock I could find anywhere paid for or not and is only getting better and better. If I where not an invalid pensioner with limited income I would happily donate to the project ... and that is not a "line" its simply a fact. So I just wanted to thank you for sharing your obvious talent via this project and want you to know that it has made one of my life interests so much more enjoyable. As far as I'm concerned , take your time and God bless.
  3. I think maybe you are running Mac Finder Bar as well ? , this is the app that can give those runtime error messages , just de register any toolbar plugins you have and then re register them, they can and do work together on Vista. This shot shows Coverflow, QtTabBar and Mac Finder Bar working together without error.
  4. There is a (docklet / plug-in) for Xwindows Dock here on ASoft that shows minimized or open apps in either a grid or fan view and allows you to bring them to the front or close them. Maybe that could help.
  5. October more detail ----> http://expressit.deviantart.com/art/Q4-Exp...pdate-138550597
  6. vemod Thank you for the information. I ran the switch to WOW64 explorer and CF4Windows ran just fine. If I had the technical or financial capability to help you I would. I am sure there would be substantial end user interest in what you have done here. Cheers...
  7. Thank you vemod yes I tried "Organize -> Layout" nothing there outside the standard options just for your reference. Good luck with developing this its a great find. :-)
  8. Hello again, in case this is of any help to vemod. I am running Vista x64 sp2 and have installed CF4windows no problems using both the install methods covered in this thread. As I posted a while back the toolbar is registered and enabled in IE8 and I am able to select it as a toolbar under view -> toolbars -> cover flow. The toolbar cover flow shows as being installed and enabled in IE8 "Manage Add-ons" but when I go into explorer, cover flow just dosn't show as an option under view -> toolbars. FindeXer which is installed does show. I noted that if I access IE8 "Manage Add-ons" t
  9. No I need to use the "menu bar" and from that select -> "View" -> "Explorer Bar" then I have for example FindeXer as an option and FindeXer then shows. There is no popup menu as such to select from no.
  10. @aquawelt: I have no idea about Vista 64, but if you enable the cover flow in Internet Explorer's extension manager and check it in Internet Explorer's toolbar menu, doesn't it show up in Explorer's menu as well? I enabled Cover Flow in Internet Explorer's extension manager and checked it in Internet Explorer's view -> toolbars menu. But I do not get Cover Flow as an option at all in Explorer's view menu. I do get and am running FindeXer in Explorer's view menu. At installation using the setup executable and when asked if I want to keep already newer versions of files I opted to keep my
  11. This a great app thank you I would like to have it on Vista SP1 64bit OS It installed without problem but only shows as a toolbar option in Internet Explorer 8 and not in Explorer Must be doing something wrong Anyway great app thanks again
  12. I have run both and have been running vista x64 for some time and I find it to be a great OS both intuitive and innovative and without question far more software compatible. I enjoy making Vista look like OSX which to me has the better looking GUI.
  13. This is great thank you so much, all works well on my vista x64 system. But how do you make skins for it I tried opening the rskin. files in the skin folder ? Anyway thanks again really useful and needed app
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