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  1. yes get permissions to release that and the object bar
  2. Theme Soft aqua icons Equa Avdesk Wall Seph i belive
  3. i didnt see it on your Website or i over looked it and i cant locate it in your file download
  4. how long will it take to connect to msn servers its been 4 + mins
  5. nice work but i need to know how to add yahoo connection
  6. Damn what crawled up your butt buddy dosent hurt to ask
  7. no i never got the email but thx for the help im not geting a little cross hair do i need to be running w.blinds to get them
  8. loveit but can some please telll me how to set up windowblinds so i can make my display properties look like his
  9. will that be released ? and where can i get the released object bar i love the theme
  10. is that trillian ? if so DAMn thats nice has it been released
  11. foobar i HATE itunes run like doo doo on my box and i love Foobar but i really need a foobar widget like the ones that run on Itunes :cry:
  12. no clue why but it stopped working ? :cry: how do i do the Alt + 255 ?
  13. i fixed it on my end i had to set my SS name to 1 letter worked is it possible to add other icons to use ? or would i have to rehcack the dill file and is it possibale to use a smaller icon
  14. the database dohicky thing worked great but i have a prob how do i fix this
  15. i get a run time error when i try to set the smiles ? any idead also with the smile plugin enabled i cant open a chat window with out it crashing my meesnager
  16. sad but i think u would need to get the permissions :cry: to make a public release
  17. any way possible u can share that Mirnada Set up :cry: i love the look
  18. there called Smoothicons u can get them on iconfactory
  19. nice i finally got around to giveing this theme a go A+ port very nice
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