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  1. 1. Well, I'm looking forward to it. Until then, I will only try to help by testing the docklet... 2. The "add alarm" button is genious, but could it be a "manage alarms" button? 3. Is it maybe not quite strange if you actually went in the "add alarm" window, and there clicked "ok", that the alarm isn't set when I then click on the "red cross" to close the preferences window... Should we change that behaviour? (Asking the opinion of the community ) 3b. This doesn't happen if I "quick add" an alarm (from the right click menu). My opinion is that if you actually say yes to the "add alarm
  2. Actually, I'm since more than a year a satisfied Vista-user (and was never an XP user, 'cause it does too much for you, as seen by too many friends having problems with XP changing settings back, trying to optimize the system and so on), that has no problem with UAC, which - once you get used to it - has quite a similarity with the sudo-mentality from *nix systems... I'm just wondering what to do with this otherwise great applet... There is something I like about some applications, and it's having the choice to put files where I want them; if a program wants to clutter my AppData folder, I wa
  3. Woohoow! *EDIT* "Add Alarm" is working like a charm! Thanks a lot! OK, I figured it out: there is an ini-file situated in my AppData-folder, instead of in my docklet folder. I have to say that I didn't expect a docklet to do such a thing... But then again, it isn't that weird. It only means that I would have to remove this docklet from the list I'm putting together to make a completely portable dock, as it writes its settings not in the folder from the docklet, but in the AppData-folder... Are there any plans to make it possible to change this behavior? RocketDock has an ini-file for ex
  4. Wow, been away from my pc for some days, lot to read here... 1. Nice! Ghostwalker, those rock! Especially the blue one, woohoow! 2. GUI settings: it wasn't for the show-menu-part that I was asking this, but for the quick access to the alarms... Because when you use Alarms, it's probably also handy to quick add one... 3a. GUI docklet: those Next & Back buttons in your screenshot are putting an image in my head that I like... Didn't know how to make the situation better, but this will do just fine! 3b. GUI docklet: in the screenshot, you can see that the placement of the bu
  5. Jup, tried it. You're right, that works just fine. Is it also because of RocketDock that when I change the volume in vista itself, that it doesn't show in the docklet, until I click update now? (I actually think it's the only docklet that doesn't auto-updates that I know off, probably with a good reason )
  6. Tested the latest version (from the first post). 1. Changing between tabs seems kinda slow. Don't know how performance could be optimized to change quicker... Actually, I don't think it has sth to do with performance. If I click on an icon on the docklet, it changes the background, but then takes a few hundreds of seconds to change the complete screen. Could it be better to let the screen change in another order: first hide all the stuff from the first screen, before starting to show the things from the new screen. This way you would never see a start/stop button in front of the background
  7. This is an example. As you can see, there's also a border, just to make sure that when you don't set the height and width right, you'll see it for sure in any preview! *edit* It's just a way of using images. When you only read this image once in memory, and then use it from there, it will make a big difference. But I don't know for sure if this will be usefull for the docklet, that something you have to test *edit* Answering Ghostwalker: it's actually up to Smaky to make the docklet as such that it is possible for the skinner to choose this. He already told us before that he is doing th
  8. 1. Same thingie as before: on one tab the title is a background, on the other a text-area... *slaps himself and whispers in his own ear "stop complaining"* But then again, it will be quite easy to add or remove the one or the other, so it's up to the skinner to make things the same allover the tabs. 2. Allright, put it on the some time in the future list maybe . What I ment with the shadow-part in that paragraph, was just that you can make a greyed-out-part in an image by combining white pixels with grey or black pixels, where those white pixels could be colorized by that neat feature, s
  9. Nice skin! 1. @ Ghostwalker: You can't do sth like that indeed. But then my only concern was that of you use an image on every tab, but not on the digital clock tab, isn't that a bit strange? With the new download this seems fixed, nicely done! I'm only annoying you with trying to think about the difference between text-parts, and image-text, 'cause they aren't really that different... 1b. Also the am/pm thingy is fixed! Woohoo! *EDIT* Still thinking that the am/pm part has more to do with the time than with the skin itself, so I think it should be white, with some partly greyed out part
  10. So we agree Whick means actually that having a font part actually isn't a good idea, and it would maybe be better to do it all with images, where you only can choosse the size and the color? That actually makes the problem with the am/pm not being text obsolete, because the text parts from the design would be "hard-coded", not depending on the system, and looking the same way on every computer where you would use the skin with those settings backed up from your first install. Or it could mean that you're still going to use some text parts, and then it would be still a good idea to give
  11. Same thing as I posted 'bout the master volume docklet: it shows on startup the current state, but isn't updating :S
  12. I tried this one, and hmmm... I don't know what is going wrong, but it basicly doesn't work for me :S Maybe the right questions to ask first, are "Should it be working in Vista, and should it be working on RocketDock?" I can put it on my dock, it shows the current Volume, but as soon as I change the volume, the icon just keeps showing the first value (I.e. not updating). Changing the volume doesn't work either; click the icon, use + or -, up, down, every other key on the keyboard, making the icon active in every single possible way, ain't working... Would love to be of more help, bu
  13. I was looking into this new update... I LOVE it! Really... Nice... Work... :impressed: But as it is for now still a work in progress, now is the time to ask some thing, to change stuff and so on... Some thinking about the fonts & skin... 1. Maybe merge those two together? - When you add a skin, the font could be in the same package, 'cause a beautiful skin with a bad font would not be a nice thing Maybe make it possible to add some fonts to the skin, so you don't have to put a font-file in the skin-package, but the skin-maker can provide the user with his preferred fonts to
  14. Two minor thingies coming after trying a few minutes (I guess I just stop before... ) 0. Add two stacks to your dock. (i.c. RocketDock) 1. Click on one stack, to open up the grid, then alt-click on the base from the stack again... As it should be, preferences open up, but the icon will not change back to the standard one... (I was reading the whole dialog up here, had to test this alt-click thing, now here I am ) 2. Change the settings from a stack to make some reflection... Restart the dock, everything goes fine, for both docks reflection is on! So far, so good. Click the stack again, to
  15. Once upon a time, albeik made a docklet, named Power v0.2.0. So far, that's the latest version I found from him. http://www.dockex.com/items/17 http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?ski...ibid=29&c=1 After that, and even that post is going way back to 2006, Havell on WinCustomize posted his 3d Battery Meter Icons. It works with a power.dll file, and seems to do exactly the same as albeik's docklet. http://www.wincustomize.com/skins.aspx?ski...ibid=29&c=1 Right now is my question: I can't find anything about how and who the docklet was developed, nor can I find a battery docklet that
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