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  1. Thanks, though wouldn't wanna do anything illegal.The Radiotracker app I tried looks promising, like it that it has a large number of stations in the database.
  2. I'm looking for something that works on win xp, don't have a mac unfortunately.
  3. Thanks for your suggestion, though it's not exactly what I need cause I wanted something to record online radio not just to listen to it online.I think the ones recommended here should do the job, I was just thinking of trying the one strawman was talking about as well, radiotracker I think it's called.I need something easy to use.
  4. I actually took a quick look at it the first time but it didn't seem to me it served the purpose I was looking for.Should have paid more attention.Gonna look at it again:D
  5. Well, I think that winamp can be ruled out of discussion, sound too complicated to me also.An mp3 recording program would be interesting to use, although don't like the part about recording every little sound that goes through the speakers.That would mean not to use anything else on my pc while that thing is running. Isn't there any app that would record only the radio, or rule out any other sound except the music?
  6. I was wondering if anyone here listens to online radio stations.I found some great stations that play the music I like and I was wondering if it's also possible to record a couple of them so I could use them on my mp3player while I'm away from home.
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