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  1. Hey, Thanks a million for the info, but i downloaded the free version of SkinStudio, and tried to mess with it, but could not find the said option... I also looked somewhere (on some other option) and it said something like: "Warning: WindowFrames perpixel is disabled" (or removed?) forgot. But if you have the time one of these days, please take a look at "Leopard V" at DA, and try a fix. If you do, please let me know, as I will be very interested! I noticed alot of people complaining about this problem. (in fact, this problem comes up on EVERY skin by this dude!! Kinda sad, since a
  2. I'm using iLeopard. Almost a perfect replica of the original. (Except it's not quite "slanted" enough) AndrewYY, have you uploaded your port of iLimited? I could only see the MacOSX ones. If you have, can someone give me a link? Thanks.
  3. Thanks a ton! I tried to switch over to VS's, but I exchanged my iptheme.dll files to get dreamscenes.... Didn't like it too much, so i switched them back, but now when I use Vista Visual Master, it says my theme files can't be patched cause a program has already messed with them.... But hey, thats okay. I saw a great leopard skin for WB at DeviantArt called "Leopard V", (goto most popular of all time) but it too has the button problem... can you tell me how I could reposition the buttons?? (I think the guy was trying to get a shadow effect, cause the windows are edited to be
  4. hey everyone, i'm looking for the best possible Leopard WindowBlinds Theme for Vista! Everytime I find one thats decent, it always makes my Max, Min, Close buttons get thrown off when you maximize the windows... right now im using a Tiger Theme by Steve Grenier, but its not leopard, and it's toolbar (nav buttons in explorer) doesn't change. I always see these perfect screenshots of vista looking like leopard, but if you use the WBskin, it looks nothing like it! So if you can, please help a dude out. Alex P.S. - Im also using a PERFECT Objectbar skin that really looks exac
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