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    Hi Id like to introduce everyone to a new site Moobi What is Moobi? Moobi was built by me to generate a home for users to house their files on the world wide web. Moobi can accept files from images to office documents and even psd files. None of this 30-60 Second delay between downloads. Whats so great about Moobi is that all your files are kept in private so that only you can access them. Fresh New Users are currently limited to 100MB of Space at the moment and until Midnight Monday 1st June GMT users who sign up get this upped to 500MB Space and for a special until 00:00
  2. Hi everyone Iv been busy this evening getting v2.0 up and running and it looks like i've managed to finish it in 1 night rather than 7. Comments are always welcome
  3. it wasnt ported from him. it was inspired
  4. over the next week i'll look into doing the 5 star rating and the controls so V2 will be out shortly
  5. with the ical docklet i managed to use a normal refflective icon. i opened it up in photoshop and removed the month and date from it and saved it. then replaced the icon in ical docklet with the one i made and then moved the month and day to the appropriate place. Check out this image for a screenshot of my ical working
  6. I overcome this problem You need to Run Flyakit OSX and in the menu where you get to pick and choose all the installs. untick the ones for user32.dll You'll find it via System Files - DLL System Files - User32.dll make sure its unticked. and that SHOULD do it.
  7. my first Skin release Hope you like it. Its inspired by Cypher7's Taped theme for Mac Bowtie Heres my version Enjoy
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