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  1. />http://damiengaza.deviantart.com/art/Desktop-09-06-2010-178248585
  2. LMAO! Hey KAWSquared, long time no see. Last time I saw you was like 4 years ago back when we had lostcoders.com
  3. Go for Windows 7, it's much better.
  4. Hopefully this gets this thread going:
  5. LMAO KAWSquared and Kittierocker your fcking hilarious! Good times. Hey KAWSquared, do I know you from a now obsolete forum called Lostcoders?
  6. Going by what KAWSquared says, it sounds like you'd be best off backing up your files and then reformatting.
  7. No that's not normal, try uninstalling everything and reinstalling it. Might even help to run a registry clean after uninstall with ccleaner, before reinstalling it.
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