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  1. Shame on me. Thank you both.
  2. Regarding Leopard, I'm not talking specifically about Flyakite OS X, but about all available Mac OS X Windows themes. It seems that there are no Leopard themes for Windows at all.
  3. I'm looking for the official FlyakiteOSX WindowBlinds skin, but thanks anyway. Edit: Steve Grenier's Tiger theme for WindowBlinds looks great. I wonder why there are no Leopard themes, though.
  4. Hi, I've successfully installed FlyakiteOSX 3.5 on my XP SP3 PC. Everything works flawlessly. I would like to use the WindowBlinds FlyakiteOSX theme/skin so that the Close, Maximize and Minimize buttons will be on the left side of windows. I have installed the WindowBlinds trial version, but have no idea where to get the FlyakiteOSX theme/skin for it. Where can I get it from?
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