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Xwindows Dock V2.0 Beta Released

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This weekend brought with it a bit o' new dock pleasantry when BOBAH13 & friends launched BOBAH13s new Windows Launcher offering: XWD v2.0 Beta.

While keeping the namesake of the original, XWD 2.0 is a complete rewrite of BOBAH13s well received XWindowsDock providing for a strong foundation upon which to scale functionality and add features in the coming releases.

As this is still a beta and still lacking many of the features of the original dock, users should adjust their expectations accordingly. However, the return of BOBAH13 to the forums and his demonstrated ability to drop some useful and cunning code means the near future should be exciting in deed.

To download the new version and post about your experiences, click here.

Some notable additional features mentioned with the release:

  • Auto-update. Now XWDock can check updates and will be notify user if new version is available (internet connection required).
  • Keyboard shortcuts allows you to use "hidden features" of the XWDock.
  • Clean and simple Preferences window.
  • Reserving space of the screen allow you to work with Dock at any time from anywhere.
  • Make your XWDock autostart with Windows.
  • Partial support of the ObjectDock docklets. Some features won't work.

Note: XWindows Dock v2.0 beta is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista and probably works fine on Windows XP.

Some additional useful links:

Help & Support Related.

New XWD 2.0 Skins.

Plugin Development Related.

Don't forget to donate to the development of this free app : )


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