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Strokeit - New Version Released

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StrokeIt v0.9.6 has been released


It's been quite a few years since the last update of this program. And up until this most recent release, users of the application lamented when XP's successor operating system(s) would not play nice with the mouse gesture program. Some people found varying degrees of success in making it work but if anything, their efforts were a testament to how useful and necessary the program had become to them.

Certainly, other programs have been released with similar functionality but haven't really performed as consistently and seamlessly as StrokeIt had been able to deliver.

With this release, users of Vista and Windows 7 can rejoice! StrokeIt is now compatible on all Windows systems from Win95 through Windows 7.

Also new to this release is updated out-of-the-box mouse gesture support for Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari web Browser; a portable installation option additionally makes its debut.

Once installed, StrokeIt offers pre-configured mouse gesture support for an array of commonly used apps and Operating System function. It's pretty much ready to go; in addition, you can add, delete and configure settings to your heart's content.

StrokeIt is free for personal use.


From personal experience, once I got to know and use StrokeIt, this program has since become an indispensable part of my operating system environment.


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