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Winstep Releases Winstep Xtreme Suite Version 9.5

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This announcement may be a few days over-due, but for those that enjoy customizing their desktop environment with stable and well supported applications (and don't mind paying for eyecandy & productivity enhancements,) this release should come as welcome news.

As described on Winstep's homepage, the following are just some of the applications which come with the Xtreme suite, some may be purchased independently as well:



NeXuS is the dock system, You can have as many docks as you want, and each can have multiple sub-docks! When not in use, docks can hide behind your screen edges, taking virtually no screen space.



WorkShelf is a tabbed dock, better suited to complex organizational duties like organizing documents, URLs, movies, work projects, etc... If a dock is the top of your desk, then Workshelf is all the drawers below it.


NextSTART is the menu system - and takes care of all your task management needs as well.

Menus are great for accessing infrequently used files and system related commands that aren't easily reachable in the file system or that have no readily user-recognizable graphic representation. You can create as many menus as you want, and, with NextSTART hotspots, you can invoke each of these menus by a super fast screen edge/corner bump with the mouse pointer.

The task management part of NextSTART allows you to efficiently organize and manipulate running tasks and windows. Using nothing but drag & drop, you can re-organize the items in your taskbar so that all your related documents are together (thus easier to find) and where you expect them to be, instead of where Windows decided to put them.


Modules, widgets, gadgets, docklets, desklets, are all different words to describe the same thing: mini-applications that usually live on your desktop and provide a staggering amount of information regarding your system, the weather, etc...

*note, product description credit goes to the Winstep website.

To see the suite in action, take a look at the following youtube videos:

Visit Winstep's homepage for more screen-shots and for pricing.

Please note: Winstep applications are compatible with Win 95, 98, SE, ME, NT4, 2000, XP 32/64 bit, 2003 Server, Vista 32/64 bit and Win7 (pre-release) 32/64 bit.

And for those of you who've used Winstep, share with us your experiences and impressions.

One final note: For those who enjoy teasers, something exciting is planned and just around the corner from the author of Winstep. One thing I can hint at right now is the notion that the end user of software almost always benefit from healthy competition by developers who release comparable products. One would hope that the same holds true for applications released to the community gratis ;)


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