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How To Install Multi Plugin Foobar Passthrough

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Hello I've been trying to install Itunes with Foobar passthrough for a few hours now. I haven't found anything helpful on the internet or any good step by step procedures on the forum. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong

I'm using Multiplugin from this thread



Well the steps I've done so far are.

Install ITunes

Install Multiplugin

Install Foobar

Setup Multiplugin to enable foobarpass through

When I open ITunes I get this

"[Module Uninstalled] Module "foo_ui_std.dll" has been removed since last run. Would you like to keep its settings? [Yes] [No]"


"[Error] Initialization failure : No user interface modules installed"

I've tried looking around for a long time but everything isn't precise or is extremely outdated. If someone could help me install it step by step it would be extremely appreciated.


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Figured out this on my one by searching threads. So many hours spend trying to figure this out.


Itunes: version

Multi-Plugin: version 2.5.1

Foobar2000 version

Get all these, and all problems are solved. I had sound problems at sound. I had the latest version of Foobar2000, and it was not compatible, maybe its too new???? I got an error message. But this version works perfect.

Also, for the newbies to enable foobar2000:

In itunes>edit>preferences>Multi-plugin (must install it first of course)>check-foobar2000 pass through.

Also, itunes and foobar2000 must not be open at the same time. Just run itunes and its ready :)


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