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Skins And Support Files For V5.6

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Skins and Support Files for XWD version 5.6 should be posted here.

Please, when posting either a new skin or a support file don't forget to clearly specify the version of XWindows Dock to which it applies.


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for XWD 5.6

I'm tired of putting up screenshots and listing out features for new versions :P. The update of my "neon dock" for xwd 5.6.

Here's an old screenshot so you can see what it sort of looks like.


Except without the fancy borders now.


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Hello everyone I just tell you something that I have to leave this forum with a few reasons.

You can also download my all or new skins HERE.

Have a nice day. :)


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Skin for XCal (MiniCal) Docklet


A very simple skin for the MiniCal option in Atreius\' XCal v.0.9.


Includes the MiniCal skin as well as a default dock icon.

Thanks to Panta for noticing the RowHeight bug!

-> Download through Atreius Google Group page

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BLACKdock for XWD 5.6


A simple black skin inspired by the original leopard dock.

EDIT: I just realized the uploaded version wasn't working for you. Sorry for that.

Here' the working one:


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Hi guys!

Long time no see you ;)

I've did a new skin for 5.6 and want to share with all of you :)

It's about Steaua Bucharest, my favourite football team and the first of East European club who won the European Champions League (in 1986)

Hope to see you soon with more skins.Maybe I 'll remade and continue my skins too. Hope to have time for this.Let's reborn this topic.

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