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Major Samurize question

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This isn't a noob question, I was wondering if it was possible to link samurize to just shortcuts.

The reason why I'm asking is because I use windows media player. I have it so that samurize displays all the info I want on my desktop and so that the play, pause, skip forward, skip backward controls.

One of the most useful things I've found is linking the play button (by right click) to windows media player. The only problem is every time I open it by right clicking it doesn't open the shortcut, it opens up the actual media player from C:Program FilesWindows Media Playerwmplayer.exe. Instead of the shortcut I have in My Documents. While this isn't a huge problem it would be great if I could somehow link it to the shortcut. Because every time I open the media player via right click it pops up on my screen and I have to minimize it.

Also I've been trying to link the pause button (by right click) to close media player. However with taskkill nothing is accomplished by running the main program, only the shortcut specifically made to end media player. So if there is some workaround that I'm missing could someone please enlighten me?


Never mind guys, sorry for bugging you, I found out a solution in case anyone else has this problem.

I did try making a batch file that had the minimize command in initially, because it hit me that batch files would be picked up as an executable and thus the minimize thing would work.

And it did, however I found that when I ran this command, for some reason I could not automatically play my songs via shuffle unless I opened media player.

So it was back to the drawing board. I then tried dragging all my music into a playlist called everything to see if this would work, so I made the batch file and set it to minimize, still the same problem, I still couldn't play the songs via the controls I made. It worked when I maximized and then minimized the application. I could play a random song via the controls then, but only when I maximized it first.

So I wrote a new batch.

Here's the instructions:

Download wait.exe

Found here:

Then drag it to C:/Windows

Then make a folder in your My Documents folder called Yeah

Download MinUnMinAll.exe

Found here:

Drag it into your "Yeah" folder

Open your windows media player, create a playlist called "Everything" without quotations and control+A and drag all your music into it.

Then open a notepad.

copy and paste this:

start wmplayer Everything.wpl

wait 2

start MinUnMinAll

Then save as whateveryouwant.bat

Then in your samurize input controls you can link your play button to play with a left click and to open windows media player then minimize it with the right click.

I also linked my pause button via taskkill command to close windows media player.

Overall its working out pretty nicely

my bad, I'm sorry.


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