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Aqua-soft V4.5 Skin For Phpbb 3.0 Released

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Aqua-Soft v4 for phpBB 3.0

Demo - http://www.vastyles.com/phpbb3/

Price: $25 usd

As of this version, I have decided to set the price of the skin at $25 usd. Do to amount of time I've put into the new version, I feel it is worth it. You only need to purchase the skin one time, any user who has donated in the past will have access to this version as well as future versions.

What do you get?

The skin of course, as well as future updated versions. You also get support for the skin. Things like help modifying templates to fit your site (to a certain amount), help installing it, fix bugs or anything like that.

You will have access to the phpBB2, phpBB3, Invision Board 2.3, vBulletin 3.6, vBulletin 3.7, and the vBulletin 3.8 versions.

To purchase the skin you must first be registered if you have not already. Then click the link below.

Purchase the Aqua-Soft Skin

Please report any bugs you find or suggestions in this forum below.


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I'm not really sure how phpBB works with other languages. But for the most part anything should be able to be translated. You just might have to edit a few templates with the correct translations (sorry I only know english).

I can help out for the most part if you do get stuck trying to translate certain things.

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there are a lot of language packs available fpr phpBB 3

http://www.phpbb.com/languages/ (only for subsilver & prosilver)

if there's a free theme only available in english, i rename the imageset/en folder to /de

then it runs - but only in english of course

but if i buy this Aqua-Theme, i'd like to have the main features in german (and maybe some more)

maybe it's possible for you to use one of the german language packs




User CP = Persönlicher Bereich

Member List = Mitglieder

New Posts = Neue Beiträge

Active Posts = Aktive Themen

Search = Suche

Guidelines = FAQ

Login = Anmelden

Log Out = Abmelden

Advanced Search = Erweiterte Suche

Private Messages = Private Nachrichten

Register = Registrieren

and also the buttons:

submit reply = Absenden

Preview Post = Vorschau

new topic = Neues Thema

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Ok, I think I'm may be having a very dumb moment, but after registering and paying, where do I go to download the new skin? I cannot see a link anywhere for that.


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I cannot download it... :(





and i cannot buy it also ... :(



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