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WiFi Info Docklet for ObjectDock

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C++ Docklet using Native Windows WiFi API & Winsock 2 to retrieve and portray WiFI connection & signal strength.

By clicking on the docklet's icon it shows detailed information on the curren WiFi connection.

This is my very first docklet. It might still be buggy.

I have updated the Docklet with a few new capabilities. Now it will:

- It now supports Unicode (needs testing)

- Left-click & hold causes the docklet to spawn the "Command" configured.

- New information on the Network Adapter properties is shown (IP Address, MAC Address & Network Mask)

- The Docklet shows information on the currently connected WiFi Network:

+ Dynamic image of the current signal strength

+ Numeric % value of the signal strenght (configurable)

+ SSID (configurable)

+ IP Address (configurable)

- Detailed Dialog with information on the Wi-Fi Connection & Network Adapter

+ 08/01/2008 - Added External IP Address resolutions by querying a configurable URL (like, information shown at the detailed configuration settings

+ Optimized icons for smaller download.

+ 02/28/2010 - I have updated my very first docklet to facilitate skinning (reduced number of images needed) and added font color/skin selection items. Fixed a few bugs here and there.

Please give it a try and send me any comments or suggestions.

It is available for download from this post.



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Yay from me, too.

Also using RKLauncher - on XP.

Thanks alot for that beautiful docklet.



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