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New version, more features

Because of some donations I could spend some more time on this little tool, so I give you AveIconifier2 :D Please report any bugs, suggestions, comments on the European Championship soccer.



(source altoprofilo)


- Convert ICO to PNG and vice versa.

- Simple drag-'n-drop interface.

- Totally skinnable application.

- Right click on the captionbar to select a skin.

- Select output formats for icons (right click on the icon pane).

What's new?

- Multi Icons are now created from PNGs: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 72*72 96x96, 128x128 are possible. All 32bits.

- Converts faster

- Batch converting, just drag multiple icons/pngs to the pane.

- Any PNG size is now supported.

- Luna skins included and made default.

How does it work?

Drop an ICOn from explorer onto the left pane. Drag it from the right pane into explorer to get an PNG file out of the icon. Vice versa for PNG to ICO.

Kudos to

Lou for the icon and the logo.

Altoprofilo for the excellent Luna skins.



Ave (still watching soccer)

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WHAAAAA - That's the greatest App I ever get! (for icons-makin')

*uninstalls Axialis Iconworkshop* (no, not really, just kidding, BUT: the batch-conversion helps a lot and is SOO easy to use)


:woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

Again, your app rulez the system *G*

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Acctually, PNG to ICO converts dont work, the icon doesnt show, it just uses Generic Icon File

Which is weird. I do everything according to the icon-specs and Windows seems to like my ICO files. Axialis IconWorkshop doesn't :(

And if Windows like them, they are functional useable.

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Ave how about a context menu shourtcut?? like right click on a png and we have the "convert to ico" option, then u click on it, it converts to ico, and vice versa :blink: :naughty:

btw, verry good app realy kewl i like it :rolleyes:

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Yeah, I get the same problem. No .PNG to .ICO. The output Icon is a win default Icon. When I try to open it with axialis, I get a "Seek failed on "Path\to\icon.ico"

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told ya ave

I know, but Windows is able to use the icons. At least, on my system.

Anyhoo, I am gonna see if I can fix it quickly.

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Originally posted by Felix@Jun 16 2004, 10:34 AM

And I want Spain to win vs Greece

P.S AveForcequit Greece, now

:6 :6 :6 :6

Same problem as everyone else, gonna go find the original version and use it until we get a fix for that.

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Great update Ave, works good for me :woot: and thanks for adding my Luna skin as default! :P

I've update all my skins (bitmaps and .ini), please redownload >>here<<

P.S. Personally i think the logo is too much "aggressive"! ;)

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Okay, I found the problem: ARGB - RGBA problems. Windows doesn't mind them, IconWorkshop does.

Updated the ZIP, please redownload.

Also added an option: right click on the iconpane to choose between exported formats.

@altoprofilo: :woot: :woot: Great Job man! The logo is named logo.png so you can replace it ;)

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Very nice! I downloaded the newer version, and everything's working okay for me.

This might be a bug- I dragged a bunch of .ico files to the PNG space (accidentally), and 1) The app froze for a short time (does it freeze for all batch conversions?), and 2) It didn't recognize that the icons were .ico's instead of .pngs

Although I am deeply saddened by your decision to make Luna the default theme... :D , I am glad that it is (like all of your programs), easily skinnable!


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