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Firefoxpc -> Firefoxmac

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If you dont have firefox then download it here :

So you want your FireFox to look like this?:


Then follow these simple steps:

[sTEP1] CompactMenu

1. Innstall Compact Menu Here.

2. Right click and save this PNG. sharc-2-8.50.pngby Magbi9

3. Close FireFox.

4. Go to x:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Chrome and open Compact.jar in WinRAR.

6. Browse to skin\classic\compact\ and replace the original PNG with the saved PNG.

7. Close Winrar.

8. Open Firefox and check the extension is installed (Options > Extensions).

9. Use the Edit > Toolbars > Customize and place the CompactMenu button down and pull the File, Edit menus off.

10. Move all your buttons, address bar and search bar upto the, now, empty top row. Move your bookmark row to where the buttons/address/search were and then deselect the Bookmarks Toolbar from (CompactMenu's) View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar.

[sTEP2] The Skin

1. Download Firefox Pinstripe for Windows 894 KB A Edited Version by cbw.l4v4 of Magbi9 & Ash's theme!

2. Replace the original Classic.jar placed in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\chrome with the Pinstripe one. remember to make a backup of your current classic.jar.

3. restart Firefox and bingo.

[sTEP3] Remove The Titlebar Text

1. Dowload this copy of brand.dtd. (RightClick and "Save sorce as")

2. Ensure all instances of Mozilla FireFox are closed.

3. Open C:\Program Files\MozillaFox\chrome\en-US.jar in WinRAR (or whatever) and find \Locale\en-US\Global\brand.dtd

4. Replace this with the file downloaded in step 1.

5. Close WinRAR and open Mozilla FireFox “Mozilla FireFox” should now be Removed.

• How to remove the " - " in Firefox

1. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\chrome"

2. Open "en-US.jar"

3. Open locale -> en-US -> browser

4. Dowload this copy of browser.dtd. (RightClick and "Save sorce as")

5. Close WinRAR.

6. Open firefox and it shuld be gone

[sTEP4] Google

1. Download this gif google.gif

2. Replace this with the image in "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins"

[sTEP5] The Icon in 128x128.

For this step, you will need ResHacker (or similar). Reshacker is available at the ResHacker homepage.

1. Download the FireFox Ico (thnx to XP_2003)

2. Ensure all instances of Mozilla FireFox are closed.

3. Open C:\Program Files\MozillaFirefox\FireFox.exe in ResHacker

4. Navigate to Icon Group\32512\1033 (or something like that)

5. Right-click the icon group, and select “Replace Resource…”

6. Click “Open file with new icon…” and find the icon downloaded in step 1. Click the replace button.

7. Then Save.

Tutorial written by Magbi9


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@magbi9 - If you wanna update this, lemme know.


Stevie BM


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