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  1. Hey Aqua-Softers! (Wow, my first post in a bazillion years.)   Right to the point... How do I END my AQ account? I don't use it anymore, I don't wish to use it in future and why is there NEVER an unsubscribe link on anything these days?   I've heard that we simply just don't login to the website anymore and that's it, but there must be SO many members who have done this already that their abandoned usernames have been unusable for any newcomers for YEARS!   C'mon guys, change your tune already and create such a feature! We always get told by the Internet Gurus to remove our unused Internet footprint, and it sure does feel good (for me anyhoo), to know that my details aren't lurking on a particular website anymore (and no, I'm no crim trying to hide).   So who can help me? OR, could some moderator make an exception and just delete mine? I'll pay!   - SL   PS. I wonder how many active members there actually are on AQ? I ask only cause I'm the ONLY actual member online here at the moment.