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  1. Xwdock - General Discussion

    It hasn't been abandoned, but rather put on the back burner. Remember the 5.6->2.0 transition? That was longer than a year....
  2. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Great release Vlad!!! I second on the App blacklist, I have Synaptics and Windows Desktop Gadgets in the corner, they're... just there lol. And elevated applications don't show up either... So I suspect that there's going to be a few docklets ported from 5.6 like Vhanla said. I'm excited. It's just like the iPhone... new things just kept coming in one thing on top of another through the updates. I really like the Gmail Email checker, it's super nicely polished! Any way you could possibly update it so that it checks IMAP accounts as well, and not just Gmail? (i.e. MobileMe? AIM? The icon looks familiar too ) Also, come to think of it, I was having a few issues with the Gmail checker... it won't check anymore after I restarted the dock, and it says my log in info is wrong... put it back in a bunch of times, it's still the same... And I'm NOT pushing for another update anytime soon, I'm just putting out suggestions for the future. It will get done when it gets done /> That should take you directly to it. Download the dock installer and the plugins manager, and you're set
  3. Xwdock - Help & Support

    I have yet to test the new dock with multiple displays, but I will see if it does the same with mine tonight. (I have W7 x64 also, and i will also test this with x64 vista and x32 XP). Two things I've noticed so far... other than the new dock is pretty awesome , it doesn't show any applications that are launched as administrator (stupid UAC). This could be because the dock isn't elevated... but just noting that. Also, the container docklet is sort of slow to open and run, especially if you have 10+ items in the folder, which is understandable, and it's sort of hard to figure out how to put more than one container item on the dock... maybe i just haven't figured it out yet. Otherwise so far, best release yet
  4. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Thanks dude! Now I gotta wait like 4 hours to download when I get home =|
  5. Xwdock - General Discussion

    True true lol but I'm sure he won't let us know on twitter without letting us know here too. Letting people know in multiple places can help spike the amount of downloads, let people know who don't typically go to Aqua-Soft, and let them know quicker (especially if you have twitter on your phone). I know what you're getting at it's just so he gets the word out to even more people. He could also have more plans for it in the future, who knows =]
  6. Xwdock - Help & Support

    I would say that here: /> Also, I apologize for this huge post. I thought I would answer a few questions people had without using multiple replies...
  7. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Have you guys never used Twitter before?? You follow so that when it does come out, you'll be one of the first to know about it when he posts about it. The news will be up soon, just give it some time.
  8. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Really? Sorry I didnt realize that lol I'm typing this on my iPhone... 2.0.2 isn't the new release though is it? I thought that was released in May?
  9. Xwdock - General Discussion

    New version isn't out yet bro. Keep checking back, it'll be up soon
  10. Xwdock - General Discussion

    If you think you can do it, try the minimizing to dock. If not, It isn't a big deal if we have to wait for the next release since a new release already brings a few new things and fixes.
  11. Xwdock - General Discussion

    I feel the same way dude! Can't wait.... But we don't want to rush this either... One question.... I haven't really been able to look around, but ARE there any plugins available for XWD 2 currently? The only ones I can really get to work are the ones already included lol... And Bobah, you said there will be a Gmail counter? Will this work for any IMAP email account such as MobileMe? I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this.... at least one that doesn't require stupid Outlook to be open. That would be so cool if that's actually what you mean dude... And good job with the progress! Development sounds like it's going good so far... Hopefully it's not taking all of your free time... I'd have to say that the donation button might get hot pretty soon from my mouse clicking it
  12. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Excellent man! Thank you so much for your time and effort on this project... We really appreciate all the hard work on XWD. Yes, make sure you include the fan and list view... Maybe start anticipating new features (such as Mac OS 10.7's new scrollbars, no indicators, new exposé). Although it's not necessarily especially for people who want to imitate Apple's dock, there could be some cool new features (these are merely ideas... I know these could take a little time to implement but I am just putting them out there for the future) Can't wait to download the new're really starting to think like a real Apple employee, making everything simple and polished, yet without the Apple logo and the Apple price. Dont rush this just to make people happy to have a new build... Take your time! Keep up the good work Vladimir!
  13. Xwdock - General Discussion

    It will come sooner or later. It's still a beta, and development has been slow (since it is free, and probably less free time for working on it... We should donate to help keep the project up and running ). What BOBAH is trying to do is make a strong, stable version of XWD that's completely compatible and won't have the problems 5.6 has had in the past. But keep checking back, you might find a new version with minimizing in the near future
  14. Xwdock - General Discussion

    It will come to 2.0 someday... Don't worry just be patient a little longer :]