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  1. Pidlshortcuts Disappear With "show Desktop"

    v1.3 Solved it! Thank you <3! And looking at that URL, I feel like an idiot for not being able to find it myself.
  2. Pidlshortcuts Disappear With "show Desktop"

    Tried as well. ='( When I switched back to 1.3, I even went into my App Data folder and deleted all the files in AveDesk to ensure everything would be fresh. (Just FYI, I also made a new theme through the control panel for giggles) I'm at a loss, and starting to think that it is a bug that affects just me. =*(
  3. Pidlshortcuts Disappear With "show Desktop"

    Yeah, they're not. Two things happen when I do that; Let me explain. 1. If I just created the shortcut, when it's at Desktop level it stays at the foreground no matter what window is open/maximized. It's always showing. 2. a. After I edit the shortcut and switch it to Desktop level, it completely disappears. It's nowhere. The only way I can get it back it by setting it to another level. b. Or the label will disappear, and the icon will be showing. But it will still be on-top of everything, showing all the time. So I keep it on "Always on the bottom". It does everything it should, other than that. WIN+D also makes them all disappear like "Show Desktop". However, When I have them set to desktop-level, they remain. However the problem is, they remain no matter what is showing though >_< Tried to edit. >< I'll post screenshots if needed after work. Ok, here are some screenshots of what I mean(sorry for the file size, didn't notice until I already uploaded them ><). Here is how I would like them to behave(Style: Always-On-Bottom): http://www.box.net/shared/static/8vvi339cfy.jpg Here is how it behaves with 'Style: Desktop Icon' (Notice the missing label and how it sits in front of the control panel window): http://www.box.net/shared/static/evdtih1m6s.jpg No labels and it sticks in front of every window. >< I know that can't be the intended effect, but I don't know how to fix it. Do not double post - the edit function - mps69
  4. PidlShortcuts disappear when I right-click on the taskbar and hit "Show Desktop". I have to open a window or application in order for them to reappear. Strangely, WIN+M works perfectly fine - but I'm so used to doing it lights-speed with the mouse that win+m is a hindrance to my normal computer usage. :/ Is there a way to fix this? Theres probably a setting I can't find or something. ;O