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  1. Objectdock 2.0 Sneak Peak

    Oh yea, i see reflections
  2. AveDesk 1.3 Bug report thread

    Using Avedesk 1.3, sysstats 2.5.11. By unknown reason sysstats widgets who needs internet connection(as example weather information) crashes avedesk when i try to "configure" or just "update" it. maybe someone knows what can fix this problem? Tried to make a new avedesk configuration(brand new folder...) but it didn't fixed problem.
  3. Feature Requests For V5.6

    The main thing which intimidate me to try XWindows or other Dock software is that if i want to try how's its performance or other tricks i have to put same icons and etc. So it would be really awesome if you guys make an Import feature for ObjectDock/RocketDock/RkLauncher. And don't forget to warn user where are kept dock icon settings(XWindows). ObjectDock Settings i found in C:\Documents and Settings\%%%USER%%%NAME%%%\Local Settings\Application Data\Stardock\ObjectDockPlus\CurrentTheme.ini
  4. AveTunes 5: WMP support

    How about Aimp support?
  5. Always-on-top Idea Not Working

    I got a really nice idea for using an icon(pdlshortcut) as show desktop or as showcase. This should be mostly used in mac os x visual styles/wb with a "magnify glass" icon. You'll see it in screenshot. The main problem is that the pdlshorcut is putted on the taskbar and probably because of that it disappears to the bottom. Maybe someone knows how to walk around this problem? Tried to turn off "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows" , but because of that maximized windows hides taskbar. Oh and Ctrl+D doesn't solve this problem too. Windows XP SP3, AveDesk 1.3 EDIT: It disappears when i press on taskbar, but it don't disappear when pressing opened windows(showed in taskbar). Maybe someone tried it with Avedesk 2.0 (besides why there's no new releases of it?)
  6. Browser wars!

    I use Opera for about 4years & i don't have any clue to use other... Besides right now i'm using Opera AC (modification, just google for it if your interested)