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  1. Using Vista In 512mb Ram

    It will not work for you at all, I have 4 GB Ram and it is just working fine. I can;t believe it is possible to run it at 512 MB Ram, and the minimum Requirement is 1 GB, which I guarantee you will be slow too.
  2. Internet Explore

    Actually I didn't see internet explorer in that style before, but as realtivity stated, you can rest your settings, or use firefox as it is much faster
  3. Swine Flu?

    Actually that is not totally correct, as if you are not cured right away, then you will die. you have to find out about the flu at it's early stages, in order to avoid becoming really ill and possibly death.
  4. Your favourite forums is my fav. Great for learning Flash.
  5. What Is Google Planning ?

    You build lots of backlinks and develop unique content that's relevant to many people. The recipe for success is pretty basic.
  6. Submit Here Your Link To Your Best Icons Site

    I like: