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  1. Itunes 9

    I'm kind of dissapointed about the new iTunes. All my Video-Podcasts are lagging and if I minimize the programme it keeps on changing its size and position. I know that the 2nd argument might be due to something else, but the 1st is definitely a problem of iTunes. I sure hope that they will release an update very soon.
  2. Browser wars!

    Firefox totally owns every other browser. Tried Opera twice and I will admit that it gets close to firefox when it comes to awesomeness (which includes just about everything!). Never went down the bad ie-road though - stay clean^^
  3. Pidgin ftw! I just switched from ICQ, because it kept devouring messages and so on. I compared Pidgin with Miranda and Trilian and it clearly won that competition!
  4. Problems With Firefox Mozilla?

    Since I don't know your computer this is just a guess, but your machine might be too weak to handle so many requests at the same time. I encounter a similar problem if I got like 30 open tabs (which is very rare^^). It could also depend on the website you try to load, because it might not be built for firefox (I know this might be a really rare case).
  5. For starters I would like to say "Hello", because I am kind of a new member; or more likely just a someone who registered himself a while ago, but didn't remember it. I am pretty sure a similar topic has occured before, but I searched the forum and I couldn't find anything on the new iTunes 9. I know that there are some tools that allow you to use global hotkeys for iTunes under Windows, but the new Version seems to f**k up all of these programmes. In the past I only used iTunes Remote, which is a Yahoo Widget that doesn't even have any kind of hotkeys, but since I'm using a Laptop without media keys and like to listen to music while gaming, I began to search for a global tool. I wasn't able to find anything that would be up to date, so after a while I tried iTunesKeys to realise that it wouldn't work. After that I tried using 'iTunes Remote' again, which wouldn't work either. Yet I ain't sure if this is due to iTunes 9 or iTunesKeys, because I hadn't used the Widget for a long time. I hope the explanation of my problem was understandable. Here comes my question: Did iTunes 9 change anything so that no hotkey-tool (global or not) would function anymore, or did I cause this myself by trying out iTunesKeys? Is there a programme that can control iTunes 9 globally that I just could not find? I appreciate any kind of useful answers (well, who doesn't ) Moved to correct section - mps69