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  1. systats on xp for objectdock

    As far as i can guess, you should be able to click and drag out as per any other docklet. My guess is that you have "Lock Dragging" set to 'on' (marked by tick) Solution for my guess. 1. Right click on Dock (Not Icon!) 2. If normal dock -> Deselect "Lock Dragging" OR if tabbed dock -> put mouse on 'view' then deselect "Lock Dragging" 3. Try to 'drag and drop' 4. If problem persists email me. Mindmadness45 mindmadness@hotmail.com
  2. systats on xp for objectdock

    Do note that i am using XP SP3 ObjectDock 1.9 - Mac users will find it in Finder or something like that... this is a common misundersatanding, it even took me a while to figure it out... here is what i did 1: open the zip file 2: extracted to the "OBJECTDOCK" Folder - (on my computer i extracted to C:/Program Files/Stardock/ObjectDock) 3: if done correctly the file should automatically spread its contents and a new "sysstats" folder appear in the docklets folder. 4: download some sysstats widgets - DO NOTE: There are no widgets included in pack that i know of... 5: extract widgets to ObjectDock Docklets Folder 6: add the sysstats docklet - A blue question mark should appear 7: right click on question mark and choose "load..." 8: venture to the ObjectDock Docklets Folder 9: enter the sysstats folder then the configs folder 10: select the widget you want to load 11: it should work... if any problems dont hesitate to email or IM me... Mindmadness45 mindmadness@hotmail.com