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  1. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Bobah can you add option to exclude specific programs from dock?
  2. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Awesome!!! The biggest step forward since 5.6. I see some bugs with displaying running apps but as Bobah says it's still in development so i don't mind,but even with that it's working absolutely perfect! I got one idea for dock behaving on left click which i would like Bobah to consider...(i use Ubuntu with Docky as main windows manager,and its windows management is very good) A)If there is one or more instances of program running than default behaving of left click should be to display last opened and with more clicks to cycle through opened instances. or B)To display expose of opened windows. in that case (when there is running app)middle click should open new instance. Hope you will consider this,because i still don't agree with you about Explorer app behaving. Thank for this awesome update!!!
  3. Xwdock - General Discussion

    @Bobah, i understand principles of finder app behaving in OSX dock but IMAO that's not something that is useful especially when you don't know are there any opened windows in dock,i dont wont to check taskbar and dock every time to see what the situation is (when i use XWD i autohide taskbar) or to right click explorer icon...At least just give option to disable it or even if you can give us some INI file where we can disable it manually or instructions to do that...I consider things like that eyecandy stuff. @Everybody else, I am not trying to ask for some more feature from caprice,i just request some basic,fundamental things.I see many post from you guys asking for minimize effects,bounce effects,better reflection,roll over effects which are for me totally unnecessary in this point of time.I prefer good working dock over some eyecandy stuff...That is the reason why Object dock,Rocket dock was so famous,people still use it every day. Everything i sad in this post can be considered as constructive critics,i want to see this dock rise,replace taskbar fully with his usability and beauty! And people to start to donate more money for developers!I know,no money no love... Long live XWD
  4. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Bobah please add running application in dock (which are not pinned),and also add options to remove indicator if no explorer window is opened (functionality in front of imitating please). Happy to hear news about 2.0.3 keep up !
  5. Xwdock - Help & Support

    Just restart it.
  6. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Yes it is,but this is dock expose introduced in Snow Leopard...(stolen from Windows 7 )
  7. Xwdock - General Discussion

    I am very,very,very satisfied with 2.0.1 beta it's 2 steps from xwd 5.6 but i don't like this OSX windows management system,well it's bad as fuck,If Bobah can somehow use live preview from windows in XWD than we wouldn't use taskbar at all.But if situation stays as this it would be good if indicator for My Computer is removed when there are no opened windows so i would know...Also icons in containers are too big for my taste,will be there way to customize that?One more thing XWD never shows Digsby (im client) as running neither are there some opened windows from that application... Big congrant for work that has been done yet!!!
  8. Resurrecting Rk Launcher Soon

    Absolutely, Even now many,many people are using Rk Luncher i think they would be excited with new release. Especially new dock who will take some advantages of Windows 7/Vista... Keep up.let's see what will happen.
  9. Xwdock - General Discussion

    Just palace openstartmenu (it's on that page just scroll down) in dock and the start menu will pop up.
  10. Xwdock - Help & Support

    XWD doesn't show running apps,only my computer.Is it bug or it's not yet able?
  11. Xwdock - General Discussion

    I just want to say great,awesome work Bobah and team!!! Will XWD 2 autoupdate?
  12. Announcement: Xwindows Dock

    @Vistapple Actually XWD doesn't mess with them,but the way XWD handle minimized windows does.When you minimize window into XWD he is no longer in eg. when you use Swicher it won't see that window,it sees windows which are not minimized or are minimized into taskbar...try it and you'll see what i'm talking about.
  13. Announcement: Xwindows Dock

    @Bobah Will XWD 2 remove minimized window from taskbar like earlier versions?If it will,it's bad,because i can't use any expose like app with it... Sorry for my English
  14. Help Wanted!

    Well you can do the following:download a skin which you think it's nearest to real mac,load it into stardock skin studio and use it as template for your skin.Just analyze it and replace bmp or png images with yours.There must be a tutorial for skin studio but this is way if you don't have one.
  15. Help Wanted!

    There are literally hundreds of mac themes for windows on .