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  1. Forumhome

    can't somebody copy and paste in the code for me? Thanks.
  2. Forumhome

    sorry, but may i "bump" this? any ideas anyone?
  3. Forumhome

    Hey guys, Awhile ago i modified FORUMHOME. I noticed today that the "minimize" and "maximize" button to hide/show the "Total members that have visited the forum today:" is gone. It's still there for "Currently Active Users:" and "___ Statistics" though. If someone could post that little bit of code that displays "Total members that have visited the forum today:" within FORUMHOME that'd be great. Thanks.
  4. Mobile Skin

    thanks all sorry for the "n00b" questions but, VB design isn't quite "my thing" How can i go about making an image that is not in toolbar_icons.png appear in my navbar? I have it in the same directory as toolbar_icons.png. I don't know if i need to modify toolbar_icons.png or what. Thanks
  5. Mobile Skin

    thanks for the help. An unrelated question; I was working on the navbar, and am not sure the name of the image you are using for "Guidelines" The help logo is "faq", "calendar" "newposts" etc. btw, where are those files located?
  6. Mobile Skin

    Hey all, Sense many of my forum's users have an ipod touch or iPhone i was wondering what is required to have a mobile skin for my VB forum. Similar to ? Or any other skins you guys are aware of? I'm pretty much asking what it would take to implement, and if you guys have any suggestions on how to do so, i'd be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Indents and "construction banner"

    wow timan! Thank you very much! Now i know what i'm doing! Thanks again for all your help and very fast responses!
  8. Indents and "construction banner"

    Great, thank you very much timan! I'm going to do this later today. But i do have one question; Where do I add this? within admincp, or on the server? In the header? admincp->style manager->common templates->header ? or to some file on the server? and does it matter where i insert that code? at the beginning, end, middle? Thank you! A quick reply would be greatly appreciated, i'm tight for time to when the schedualed mainence is going to be performed.
  9. Indents and "construction banner"

    yep, here we are: in admincp: and in a standard skin:
  10. Indents and "construction banner"

    okay, i think i can bump this now that i have have been verified as a "Subscriber" and the thread has been moved and re-opened. soo... bump please
  11. Hello, So, here are my questions: 1. The bottom two sub-forums are inside the third from the bottom sub-forum, but in this view they don't look like it. My question is how to get all sub-forums of sub-forums to be indented under its "father forum" 2. I'm not sure if this is a Aqua-soft theme specific question or not: After my forum started using the Aqua-soft skin, whenever the other admin (who did the maintenance) was about to perform maintenance he enabled this construction banner across the top of the site. It was yellow and black and stretched the width of the site. It was just thick enough to hold one line of text. It believe its similar to the "notice feature" in VB. My question is how to enable it. The reason i'm asking here is because I believe its part of the Aqua-soft theme. Excuse me if its not. Thank you, any help will be greatly appreciated!! Paul