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  1. Well it is a matter of taste firstly. Secondly, I agree that the new taskbar is better, but I still think that there is room for improvement. If you are happy with the W7 taskbar I'm glad for you. For those who thing differently, like myself, I'm glad that bobah is willing to make this dock. Again. And maybe, just maybe, it will be not as good as the leopard/snow leopard dock or as good as the win7 taskbar but as good as those combined or even better. To paraphrase a certain company ad: think progressive.
  2. I would like the ability to pin objects (icons, staks, doclets) to the the dock because I frequently drag some of my stuff off the dock by accident (and then I have to manually replace them). This is not something too complicated, I think, but is really useful.
  3. no need to wait for skins just read the readme.txt in tools folder and there you have indications and tools to migrate all you 5.4 skins to 5.6 skins edit : *and to be ontopic thanks Bobah for this (i'm really happy that i didn't have to wait for skins updates) and for other features in 5.6
  4. Make some rules for this problem. Something like: Do not post anything you "modified" if you have not changed/edited all the skin elements (more or less the masks) or you have permission to use it (which you should get on a public internet space be it a forum, dA or other sites/blogs comment) from the author himself. Anyone who doesn't respect this rule should be warned/banned/denounced.
  5. I'd go with the sub-forum idea.
  6. Happened to me too. But I didn't know why.
  7. I think that it doesn't detect X axis movement because if you follow a vertical line from outside into the dock magnification works perfectly. By Panta: moved. Doesn't belong to the main thread...
  8. Yeah. If I practice enough I think I can slide the mouse at the bottom of the screen without activating the magnification. By Panta: moved. Doesn't belong to the main thread...
  9. For the windows only. Not for the icons.
  10. I think we may be all (partially) wrong. Try to slide your mouse cursor from the corner of the screen to the dock following the lower edge of the screen/dock. @Panta: I'm not a native English speaker. By Panta: moved. Doesn't belong to the main thread...
  11. Than it's clear (I think) that it can't deal X and Y axis cursor position modification simultaneously. It is no problem once the cursor is on dock and magnification is already fully effective. By Panta: moved. Doesn't belong to the main thread...
  12. In other words Layer Cake wants 3/4 of the dock surface matte and 1/4 of it reflective. Edit: don't ask me why
  13. Just a wild request for future release. I wanted to ask for this feature to RKLauncher developer but the apparently the development was stalled. Look at the attachment. I think it is self explanatory.
  14. It is true. But is not so bad. I'm quite happy with this release as it is. By Panta: moved. Doesn't belong to the main thread...
  15. I actually think XWD 5.4 has the smoother magnification effect from all of the dock apps for windows. By Panta: moved. Doesn't belong to the main thread...
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