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  1. Disabled Tray Icon/Removed Start-up Desklets

    Relaunch the exe and go into settings window
  2. Virus in MailCheck docklet

    It's probably because mailcheck.func uses the same library as some virus. Can't do much about it, unfortunately.
  3. DreamDesk v0.1 Beta

    The flicker can be avoided by using different rendering techniques, actually.
  4. Annoyance: Avedesk creates My Movies folder

    No it doesn't.
  5. Add background to windows folder

    For vista, you can use VistaFolder Background. Integrates an extra property page in a folders properties dialog.
  6. Desktop Effects

    It's for XP also
  7. Real Reflective Dock?

    A DirectX dock would be feasible: on Vista with aero it could directly be composed into the DWM scene.
  8. FADING Desktop Wallpapers!!!

    I think is way easier.
  9. Flying Cow

    MS Explorer is incredibly customizable. Look upon the shell interfaces in MSDN.
  10. Hot Weather 2 - watch the climate change

    Unbelievably cool
  11. Dreamscene (animated wallpaper) for XP

    On the hand one it is to force people to update once in a while, on the other it is because I'm in negotiation with some companies about this application.
  12. Dreamscene (animated wallpaper) for XP

    Do you have the required libraries installed? Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Runtime Files ( ) DirectX 9.0c November 2007 Runtime ( ) Configure Extra Desktops -> regsvr32 /u MultiDesktop.dll manually otherwise - the installer I'm using is a bit, well, sucky.
  13. DesktopEffects for XP have an animated desktop, like with Dreamscene Description Dreamscene is no longer for the Vista Ultimate users: with DesktopEffects, you can now run an animated desktop even on XP. Desktop Effects deliveres animated desktops on Vista (all versions) and on Windows XP that are rendered by the video-card giving smooth animations. Screenshot Fire effect Video showcasing some effects Included Effects Video wallpaper Fire effect Photo slideshow Underwater wallpaper Snow effect Furthermore, DesktopEffects can be extended by extra Effects, which are simple COM objects. Requirements + Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update + DirectX9 November Update Note Windows XP support, while tested thorougly is still being worked upon: this means that it is possible that the desktop might be rendered wrongly. A simple, but descriptive bug-report will help resolve those issues. Download (this version will expire on 14 February 2008)
  14. Stacks Docklet

    It's not CLSID folder (that's just a unique id describing a common folder). It's more about using the namespace in Windows (IShellFolder, PIDLs) instead of using the filesystem only. The filesystem is contained in this namespace. Of course, nothing major changed between xp and vista (other than people think, backward compatibility of the API is a major idea of Windows and win32).
  15. AveDesk 1.4 Vista Compatibility Build

    Try to start without settings and themes.