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  1. Sliderdock R9

    SliderDock R9 has been released. changes : * Improved memory usage. * SliderDock will not auto-hide if application isn't found. * add option to set if SliderDock will load itself in "bellow normal" priority you can download the new version here :
  2. Sliderdock R2

    The R2 version has been released. For those who don't know this application, SliderDock is an application launcher that will allow an easier access to your icons by making them rotate toward your mouse when you use your mouse wheel. You wont need to chase your icons all over your screen anymore. The changes are mainly some options to customize the application
  3. a new application launcher

    right now it's not skinnable. The icons can be changed and you can use the objectdock and rocketdock icons too. In the next release I will add a menu so that everything will be skinnable/customizable.
  4. I have released my new application launcher for windows. It is called SliderDock and is the first dock that have the animation to be more than a gimmick. By using the mouse wheel, you can make the icons rotate toward your mouse. Now you don't have to chase your icons, let they come to you. Come check it on this website :
  5. Any New Finder like Menu bars in sight???

    sorry, I misread objectbar by objectdock. I use 2 programs that are bit similar: Sidebar and launchy, it's not a all in 1, but I find those quite good for me.
  6. Visual Basic Program Launcher

    don't forget openGL then, c++ alone wouldn't be that good. And why not going the c way then. that should be difficult enough. :)
  7. Visual Basic Program Launcher

    c++ is more performant than c# so it's better to know it but I think there is one important part than those people either don't know or ommited to tell, c++ is not a lot more performant, I believe the biggest gain in speed comes from using openGL in an application and it's much more difficult to learn then. That's why I went the wpf way, since wpf is an abstraction of directx(that's the reason of the big cpu improvement in my application). And wpf is much easier to learn too. Also I read somewhere that when you make the installation package in .net 3.5, it automatically download the framework and directx for the user now. I also wish to learn c++ and openGL one day but from what I heard the learning curve is quite difficult. In the end it's your choice, if you don't want to suddently have a big amount of advance knowledge to learn I would suggest c# 3.5, but if you prefer multiplatform application and are ready to work hard for better result but those will show much later then go with c++.
  8. Visual Basic Program Launcher

    oh, sorry I put it there since you said you were going the c# way a few post above. but maybe there is a similar way to do it in vb too. Here is a link to the first prototype I made using c# 2.0 : . The problem was cpu use climbed up to 80% during the rotation so now I changed to using wpf and it went down to 6% cpu usage I still have a long way before release though, because I still don't have menus or even a name for my application.
  9. Visual Basic Program Launcher

    Hi, I'm also working on an application launcher and I use .net3.5 c# wpf. The reason I use wpf is for animation purposes, but the rest should be similar to what you are doing. you seem to have solved your problem, but I'll show you the way I do because I use .net instead of importing a dll, and find it better to do this way whenever I can. It also automatically give it focus. System.Diagnostics.Process p = new System.Diagnostics.Process(); p.StartInfo.FileName =; p.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(; p.Start(); ps: is simply a string showing the path to the application to launch.
  10. Any New Finder like Menu bars in sight???

    Objectdock is free, only it's plus version is paid. Also you shouldn't expect everything to be free, it's a lot of work and generally years of study to become a programmer. When you call someone to work like a plumber, a doctor or even a taxi driver, even though those are just services they give, you don't expect them to work for free, so why should you expect programmers to do so? As for alternative to objectdock, you should search a bit more, there's plenty everywhere like rocketdock and y'z dock. I'm also working on a different type of dock too but it's not yet ready to be released.
  11. yeah, those application are always fun to try but useless and get boring quite fast. Bumptop seems to be dead by now, the website hasn't been updated for 2 years now.