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  1. Xdrawer Xwindows Dock

    Hello to all, I have been a member in here for more than a year and I silently have been following the development of XWindows Dock. And I must say it was developed really fast and the community contribute a lot supporting the development. Good job BOOBA! Now XWindows Dock is in a new stage of development. As you can see I am proposing to add a drawer mode to XWindows Dock. I know ObjectDock Plus can do that but paying for something that should be free is not one of my options and/or downloading a crack/using a serial/patch is not legal. If adding this mode to XWindows Dock can't be possible, I suggest to a developer making a small program with the following features: Name:XDrawer -Option to dock to left/right side -Themes support -Docklets support -Stacks support -Slide out/in effect -Label support -Movable up and down -Option to use custom icons -Options to choose icon size and space -An IMPORTANT! one: Multiple Drawers -And Finally the option to choose custom tabs. Please support this project with anything you can from a comment to a donation to the developer.
  2. Ubuntu is cool, as soon as I buy a new pc I am going to install Ubuntu on it And about the software: There is firefox and openoffice, I don't know what else you can need. And I saw a tutorial somewhere where they teach you how to install any Windows Software on Ubuntu Advantages: Cool effects (Really cool) 100x cooler than XP, Security, and in my personal opinion I think Ubuntu is easier to use and it's the OS of my dreams Before you change you can try it, boot it from a cd and it will not make any changes to your computer. You will get a clear idea of how it is. I think its time to switch, Ubuntu is the future "Also make sure to read the effects of the installation and make sure you read everything
  3. Show thumbnails

    Is there something to show thumbnails of images in icon view? I use Xentient thumbnails but the quality for transparent images is really bad here is an example of what I am talking about
  4. Leopard Skin For Nexplorer

    I'm sorry, but I can't help you. I don't use windows vista and I don't know how to change the code of the program.
  5. Leopard Skin For Nexplorer

    Oh I see, I think I can do that. Any other suggestions?
  6. Leopard Skin For Nexplorer

    I can't add the cover-flow view, I didn't made the program. It's easy to make a skin for Nexplorer, start by editing a skin (I started by editing Panther). After a while you would understand how everything works and you would be able to make your own skin. Check this out And this Like a year ago the guy that was making it was almost done but he had some problems, now he is back working on it again
  7. This skin is no longer available