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  1. Too many icons - dock size exceeds screen size

    OMG! Thanks! I didn't know that the dock-sizing resizes the icons.
  2. Too many icons - dock size exceeds screen size

    Hello! Thanks for the reply - but: there is no such entry in settings ( I searched all panels). There are only "hide indicators" and "hide poofs" <- these are the two who I don't know what they do.... where is this setting? And what does it exactly do?
  3. IEx vs. Synapsis

    Hey! Sorry if I do something stupid, but I don't understand the differences between sinapsis and IEx. Is one of them a part of another or is IEx older than Sinapsis or was one of the project layed down? Wich one should I use? Thanks for your answers =) Ilu edit: oh...ok... the link to download sinapsis is dead... so I will try IEx... but it would be interesting to know whats the matter with those two programs
  4. Hey! I love this application, its very useful and very goodlooking! but.. I would like to add Icons to my dock, I did, it works great. But now my dock is larger than my screen, so some icons are not visible anymore. Is there any possibility to make the icons smaller? Or to scroll through the dock or somehting like that?? Thanks for your help Ilu