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  1. How To Create A Beautiful Desktop Shortcut?

    I think Yahoo widget is able to do the same thing and it's more stable. I'm not 100% sure. I use it before but I don't know if it's as good as Avedesk.
  2. 2010 Desktops

    Click :
  3. Hey guys, I wonder how can I change the icons at the bottom in windows 7? Please refer to picture. Thanks
  4. Menu in title window

    it's a CS4 version... it on top by default
  5. Primero Hybrid

    I release this VS sometime ago but I didn't put this anywhere on forums. So I think it's a good idea to introduce it to some people who does not know about this. Hope you guys like it. It's an update from my previous Primero Visual Style Theme. *note: Veritas VS will release soon sometime during the summer. Thanks to Roberto for the permission for porting it. Preview and download :
  6. Need Help To Find Wallpapper

    Thanks for sharing.. Ive been looking for this too.
  7. Turbulence

    Great work! Looks like picasso painting...
  8. Feelings Part 2: Lost

    This looks cool man, love the feeling when looking at this wallpaper.
  9. Moonbathing

    Not bad, did you make this using 3d software?
  10. Which Social Networking Site Do You Use

    Facebook and Twitter all the way!
  11. Apple Min/max

    nice lil' app! thanks matonga for creating so many useful app. Best of luck to you!
  12. [request] Soulless' Arial Font

    Gill, I cant access the link that u given. Mind give another one ?
  13. These Trash Icons

    Thanks for the share man!
  14. Changing The Default Hd.

    anyway, if u change the default HDD, your pc won't start up because windows is not installed on the other drive that u have change to default. I believe that u can change the default HDD by going to control panel > Administrative tools > computer management. there u can change your settings on HDD, u can even make HDD partition with that.
  15. Changing The Default Hd.

    delete system32