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  1. Aquasoft With Vb4

    forum would be enough for me, because it wont be the standard theme in my forum i would pay 5$ for an upgrade an 10 or more for the hole upgrade (incl blog and cms)
  2. Timan and me solved some bugs and now the aqua-soft theme is runnung since 6 weeks also in german and with some modifications my new menu bar:
  3. phpBB3 Who's Online

    thanks to Timan for his support (he solved some small bugs in the phpBB 3 version) here you can see my phpBB 3 board running Aqua-Soft DE: i replace FAQ with Who is online - And i added Active Posts besides New Posts
  4. there are a lot of language packs available fpr phpBB 3 (only for subsilver & prosilver) if there's a free theme only available in english, i rename the imageset/en folder to /de then it runs - but only in english of course but if i buy this Aqua-Theme, i'd like to have the main features in german (and maybe some more) maybe it's possible for you to use one of the german language packs User CP = Persönlicher Bereich Member List = Mitglieder New Posts = Neue Beiträge Active Posts = Aktive Themen Search = Suche Guidelines = FAQ Login = Anmelden Log Out = Abmelden Advanced Search = Erweiterte Suche Private Messages = Private Nachrichten Register = Registrieren and also the buttons: submit reply = Absenden Preview Post = Vorschau new topic = Neues Thema
  5. ist there also a german version available? or will it be possible to translate the button subtitles (Member List = Mitgliederliste)? i use phpBB 3.0.3